Faculty of Science

Science Student Donation 2013-2014 Opt Out

The Science Student Donation was begun as an initiative of the Science Students’ Council. Its purpose was to provide funds to the Faculty for the support of undergraduate students that would otherwise be unavailable to Science students. The donation allocations are recommended by the Science Students’ Council each Fall on the basis of requests from individual departments made each Spring.

Over the past several years, a significant fraction of the donation has been directed to supplement laboratory apparatus as well as the expansion of computer labs. Other initiatives have included the purchase of audio-visual equipment for classrooms, so that instructors can take advantage of more sophisticated technology in their lectures. A full listing of the requests that were funded in 2012/2013 is listed below.

To opt out, log on to the Science Donations Opt Out site after September 1st but before September 30th and fill in the form.  If you opt out and you still owe tuition by the end of November, your opt out fee will be deducted from your tuition. If not, an email will be sent to you telling you to pick up a cheque sometime around the end of November.

List of Science Student Donation Allocations

Donation to Anatomy & Cell Biology
Netter's 3D interactive anatomy $5770.11
Brain Specimen Prep $5500.00
Shipping $250.00
Donation to Biochemistry
Centrifuge Service Contracts
Micropipettors $5031.25
Electrodes $467.19
Donation to Biology
Microscopes $14,063.00 
Spectrophotometer $10,035.00
Analytical Balances $2,773.00
PCR Equipment $16,353.00
Donation to BMSUE
MiniProtein Gel Apparatus  $3,548.00
iPad and Adaptor $1,786.90
Logitech b990 Webcam $158.00
Donation to Chemistry
Vortex Mixers  $25,158.53
Melting Point Apparatus   $5,162.43
Donation to Computer Science
Computers  $25,102.00
Donation to Dean's Office
Enhanced Teaching & Learning (Haffie)  $3,000.00
Donation to Earth Sciences
PC Computer $1,799.00
Satellite Phone $1,659.00
Laboratory Specimens & Minerals $9,558.00
Printer $2,974.00
Donation to Mathematics
LED Monitor  $600.00
Donation to Microbiology & Immunology
Spectrophotometer $5,485.49
Microplate Reader and Filters $7,656.70
Thermocycler $3,956.22
Service Contract $1,546.50
Donation to Physics & Astronomy
Computers and Monitors  $18,660.33
Security Cables $861.63
Function Generators $6,468.93
Oscilloscope $6,630.70
PASCO Software $1,000.05
USB Data Acqusition System $373.04
Optical Choppers $259.67
General Purpose Multimeter $926.60
Xplorer GLX Datalogger $1,791.05
Donation to Physiology and Pharmacology & Toxicology
Water Circulators     $10,248.56
Digital Shaking Water Bath $2,318.50
Magnetic Stirrers $1,262.61
Mini Peristaltic Pump for Radnotti Organ Baths $3,021.00
Oxygenating Bubbler $318.32
Water Jacket $623.55
TOTAL $214,327.69