Faculty of Science

Considering Your Options

"Science is not just about laboratories and test tubes, it is very often your ability to communicate your ideas effectively to others that will make you successful"
Redekopp, (1998)

What can I do with a Science Degree?

Ever wondered what you could do with a degree in Science? Do you sometimes feel that your options are limited to working in a lab or going to medical school?  A background in Science provides a solid foundation for a variety of careers.  While the medical field and laboratory research might be very rewarding career paths for some, many of Western's graduates from the Faculty of Science have successfully made the transition into industry, business, government, information technology, investment banking, teaching, management consulting and marketing. A Science degree can provide you with many exciting career opportunities, since Science students have the requisite skills that employers in countless sectors are seeking such as: critical thinking, technical problem-solving, and numeracy skills. 

If you would like to talk about some of these options, then visit Science Career Services.

The Student Success Centre is also an excellent resource to learn about what students can do with degrees in particular areas.