Faculty of Science

Program/Module Changes

What to do when your program/module is changed

When you find you’ve been put into a program that’s different from the one you asked for, check the following tips for what you need to do next:

Check the Admission Requirements section of the module/program you asked for during Intent to Register.  Compare this to your own academic performance in 2012-13.  Make note of the requirements you didn’t meet.

  1. You may need to repeat a specific course to meet those requirements [e.g. to increase your mark or replace a failed course].
  2. You may need to increase your overall average on the ‘principal’ courses [e.g. by repeating one or more courses to achieve higher grades].
  3. You may need to take another course that’s required for admission to that module/program [e.g. a course you are missing right now].
  4. You may simply need to do well on your second year courses and reapply for your preferred module/program next year.  [e.g. see BMSc admission in year 3

Take the appropriate action to solve the problem if you want to reapply for the program/module you were not admitted to for 2014-15. 

Check the module requirements for the program/modules you’ve been put into.  Go to the online calendar (westerncalendar.uwo.ca/2013) and follow this path:  Faculties → Science → Department (that offers the module).  Select the specific module/program and look for the section labeled Module.

  1. Select the courses you want to take in the coming year and check that you have the required prerequisites for each.  [Click through to each course description, and read the section labeled prerequisites.]
  2. Check the online timetable to ensure each course is being offered, along with when it’s scheduled.
  3. Develop your own timetable based on your course selections

If you are taking modules that have course overlap (or common courses), follow these tips for course selection: 

  1. If both of your modules are in the Basic Medical Sciences, see the BMSc web site
  2. If one of your modules is Biology and the other is in the Basic Medical Sciences, see the Biology web site and the BMSc web site
  3. If one of your modules is Psychology and the other is Biology or in the Basic Medical Sciences, send your questions to scibmsac@uwo.ca
  4. If your module is offered by another Department, contact the Department Counsellor for that department

If you need special permission to take a course, see this page for details.  

If you have specific questions about your course selection for 2013-14, after reviewing the resources noted above, send them to the Department Counsellors in the departments that offer the module(s) you are taking.

If you wish to change the program/module(s) you’ve been put into, see this page for details