Faculty of Science

Intent to Register: How and Why

What is ITR?  Why is it important to do?

It is students’ way of telling us they intend to register in courses next academic year; it is also the way that students indicate which degree / module(s) they would like to move in to or continue in.

Submit your ITR by the deadline so that you can participate in web registration this summer.

When is ITR?

The online ITR form is available during February and March.   ITR submission deadline: March 31st

Where do I find the ITR Form?

Log in to Student Services; go into 'My Possibilities'

Need to find out more about module options before submitting your ITR?

- Explore these sources of information

Especially for first-year students...Attend 'What's Your Program - Getting Ready for Intent to Register' to find out about:

-  Completing the Intent to Register form
-  Faculty and Department resources
-  Understanding your progression comments
-  Planning for the course registration period
-  Resources for selecting your courses and creating a conflict-free timetable
-  And more!  [Click here for session dates, times and locations]