Faculty of Science

Course Selection Tips

Selecting Courses for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

Step One: Check the requirements for your module(s).

  1. Go to westerncalendar.uwo.ca and search for your subject area (e.g. Biology, Computer Science, Physiology).
  2. Select your module from the list presented (e.g. Honors Specialization, Specialization, Major or Minor)
  3. Identify the courses you plan or need to take in the coming year. You can check prerequisites by clicking on the course name/number in the list – this will take you to a list of all courses in that subject area.
  4. If you are registered in more than one module, repeat the process above to review the requirements for each module.

Step Two: Check the timetable to find out when each of the courses you’ve selected is offered.

Note that some courses listed in the Academic Calendar may not be offered this year.

  1. Go to:  https://studentservices.uwo.ca/secure/timetables/mastertt/ttindex.cfm  And search for the courses you plan to take – select the subject area from the list to search for all courses in that subject area, OR enter the course number, as well, to search for a single course.
  2. Identify the lecture sections, along with tutorial or lab sections where required, that will fit into your schedule. Write down the class number for each lecture, lab and/or tutorial, as this will be the easiest way to find the right course when you do your course registration.
  3. Continue this process until you have a conflict-free timetable.


Tip: in the case of courses with multiple sections, select 2 or 3 possible sections to provide additional options in case some sections have filled before you register. Do the same thing when you have several choices in terms of the courses you need to take for your modules.

Step Three: Check Student Center for your enrollment date (date and time when you will be able to start registering in courses).

Go to student.uwo.ca. Look for Enrollment Dates on the right-hand side and follow the links.  [If no link is active, your enrollment date hasn't been scheduled.]

An e-mail will be sent to your UWO account when your enrollment date has been scheduled.  [Watch this e-mail account carefully as many important messages regarding your academic career at Western are sent to this address.

NOTE: Enrollment dates are scheduled by year of registration.

Step Four: Login to Student Center on or after your enrollment date, and register for the courses you have selected.

Go to student.uwo.ca and follow the links to Enroll in Classes.  See the Registrar's web site for assistance if needed.

Step Five: Enjoy your summer! See you in September.

Need more help with . . .

  1. Selecting courses for your module(s): check the Departments’ web sites or contact the Department Counsellors
  2. Getting permission to take a course for which you don’t have the pre-requisite, substituting a different course, getting into a section that is currently full, etc.: contact the Department Counsellor(s)
  3. Getting permission to take an overload (more than 5.0 courses) or an unbalanced load: send your detailed request including name, student number, course(s) you want to take as an overload and why you need to do an overload, to scibmsac@uwo.ca
  4. Determining whether you are eligible to register in a specific course: check both the pre-requisites for the course (found in the online calendar), and any constraints put on the course (found in the timetable – look at the section labeled ‘Notes’). If this doesn’t explain why you cannot register in a course, and the course is not listed as being full, contact scibmsac@uwo.ca for assistance.  [Please provide full details about the course, along with your name and student number.]
  5. Dealing with course overlap (two modules that require the same courses): contact scibmsac@uwo.ca