Faculty of Science

Changing Module Selection(s)

Forgot to do an ITR?

Come to the Academic Counselling office to complete a paper form. [Click on the link to see current hours.]  OR See this page for using our Change of Status form to submit your ITR.

Post ITR Module/Degree Changes


- Changes to your degree/module selection for Fall/Winter 2013-14 can potentially be made once you see your adjudication decision in Student Centre


- Requests to make changes can made by submitting a completed 'Change of Status' form 

Who can Make a Module Change?

 - Before submitting a request to change your degree/modules, please check to see if you can register in the courses you need next year without making a change

- Only changes that are required to gain access to the courses you need will be approved at this time of year - other changes can be made during Intent to Register next year

- Requests must be submitted at least 10 days before the first possible registration date for your year - i.e. by:

June 14 for students entering year 4 [course registration begins June 24]

June 28 for students entering year 3 [course registration begins July 8]

July 5 for students entering year 2 [course registration begins July 16]

What will happen to your request?

- An academic counsellor will review your request to see if you are eligible for the change you've requested
- If you are eligible, you will see the change occur in Student Centre (check from time to time throughout the week following your submission of the Change of Status form)
- If you are not eligible for your request, you will receive an e-mail explaining why we cannot make the change requested