Faculty of Science

Accommodation for Missed Course Work

Students who miss course component(s), such as a lab or test, for valid reasons can request academic accommodation. This page is to help you understand the steps involved in requesting accommodation, the types of accommodation available, and any supporting documentation that may be needed.

Steps Involved in Requesting Academic Accomodation

  1. Review OWL and/or your course outline for information regarding accommodation - what to do when you have missed (or will miss) a class/lab/assignment/midterm/exam.  Follow any instructions provided.
  2. If you miss a class/lab/assignment submission/midterm/exam, e-mail your instructor (or lab/tutorial instructor) and let them know that you will be submitting a request for academic accommodation to your academic counselling unit. 
  3. Request accommodation through your home faculty academic counselling office (located in WSC 191, for Science and BMSc students).* Submit an Acccomdation Request Form and supporting documentation.
  4. Once an accommodation request has been approved, the member of the academic counselling team who approves your accommodation request will inform your instructors of our support for accommodation. If a student is accommodated for a December or April final Exam, they will be issued a Recommendation for Special Exam form instead, which the student should bring to their instructor.

*Please do not visit our office until you are well enough to come to campus; do not visit our office if you are contagious. If you are not able to submit your accommodation request in person within a few days of the missed course component, please email our academic counselling team about your situation - scibmsac@uwo.ca.

Types of Academic Accommodation

Click here for Acccomdation Request Form.