Faculty Awards

The Western University recognizes the contribution and quality of its faculty members in research and training through a substantial awards portfolio. Please peruse the listing of awards and feel free to nominate a deserving colleague. 

Note: If the submission deadline falls on a weekend or a holiday, then consider the deadline as the last working day before that date.

Distinguished University Professorship

The University is served well by recognizing the most outstanding members of their community. This award will recognize sustained excellence in scholarship over a substantial career at Western. Scholarship is broadly defined to include research and teaching, but cannot exclude either, as well as contributions to service to the community. The Distinguished University Professorship will recognize sustained excellence as a complete scholar, and will fulfill the commitment in Making Choices to develop a program of recognition for Faculty.

Subject Areas

All Areas of Research


January 31

Grant Amount


Application Method

Nominations should include a letter describing the nominee's qualifications for the award, the nominee's curriculum vitae, and at least three letters of reference. The letters of reference should be from arm's length individuals who are recognized authorities in the nominee's fields of scholarship, and who can speak to the nominee's achievements in teaching, research and service. Nominations should be sent to:

The Office of the Vice-Provost (Policy, Planning & Faculty)

Room 138 Stevenson -Lawson Building

The University of Western Ontario

Indirect costs are not supported by this program.


The Distinguished University Professorships internal adjudication and selection process is managed by University Secretariat see guidelines above for further details. 

Western Contact(s)

The Office of the Vice-Provost (Policy, Planning & Faculty)
Room 138, Stevenson Lawson Building
The University of Western Ontario
519-661-3110 x 83109

The Florence Bucke Science Prize

Deadline: Last Friday of January

Terms of Reference

  1. Faculty Selection Panel
    The Dean will construct a panel of research leaders to evaluate applications and make a recommendation of the awardee.
  2. Nominating Procedure
    No more than one candidate per year, either newly nominated or re-nominated. The departments shall set up a system of their own choosing for nominations. Nominations should be submitted to the Dean's Office on or before the last Friday of January. A compiled PDF file is preferred.
  3. Candidates
    A faculty member in the Faculty of Science. Preference is given to a member at the rank of assistant or associate professor. Evaluation will focus on a significant research contribution in the past 5 years.
  4. Documentation
    a) Letter from Chair supporting the case.
    b) CV including publications list.
    c) Two outside letters assessing quality and important of research.
  5. Timing
    Award presented in the Spring.
  6. Ceremony
    Forty-five-minute talk by the awardee, followed by the presentations of a certificate, a monetary prize and a reception.

Hellmuth Prize

The Hellmuth Prize for Achievement in Research provides a way for all members of the Western community to appreciate and celebrate research achievement of our most distinguished faculty members in all research areas. Two prizes (consisting of a plaque and a $1,500 cash award) will be presented at a public ceremony in the spring, with each winner making a short address. Hellmuth Prize winners are introduced at the Spring Convocation of the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.  The prize consists of a $1500 cash award and a plaque.

Nomination Process

Each faculty may submit one candidate for each Prize.  It would be appropriate for nominations to include the following:

  • The Curriculum vitae and Bibliography of the nominee;
  • A covering letter, signed by the Dean, explaining the particular significance of the research contributions of the nominee (It may be useful to highlight a few specific
  • publications or other contributions that justify the nomination.);
  • Any available evidence of widespread recognition of research contributions, including up to three objective letters of support

The Hellmuth internal adjudication and selection process is managed by Western Research. The awards will be adjudicated by a selection committee chaired by the Vice-President (Research). The committee will have appropriate balance to enable adjudication across broad research disciplines.

Indirect costs are not supported by this program.


The nomination submission deadline is Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

Final nomination packages must be compiled into one .pdf file and submitted directly to internalgrants@uwo.ca


Interested parties are encouraged to consult with Julaine Hall (julaine.hall@uwo.ca) at Research Development & Services regarding this prize and the nomination process.

Petro-Canada Young Innovator Program

The Petro-Canada program provides two awards to new researchers at Western ($12,000) to recognize, promote and support work that is particularly innovative, impacts positively on the learning environment in their department, and has the potential to be of significance to society at large. 

Western Application Process

The PCYIA internal adjudication and selection process is managed by Research Development & Services. All applications must be uploaded to a ROLA Proposal before Chair and Dean signature approval is confirmed.

See program guidelines for more details on this competition's internal process.

Important Dates

March 22, 2016      ROLA, final application form, and Letter of Support submitted to RDS
May, 2016              Award Announcement

Program Objectives

This program is intended to help attract and retain bright young minds at Canadian Universities, colleges and major research institutes and to help young researchers launch their scholarly careers and enable them to carry their research forward. A summary of the program is available online.


Researchers, from the date of their initial offer of appointment at a university up to their 8th year on faculty, may apply (accumulative and not solely from initial appointment date at Western).

  • Specific to WESTERN Award: This award is offered to full-time faculty members from any discipline that are within 8 years of their initial appointment at a university (accumulative and not solely from initial appointment date at Western), and who currently hold an eligible research appointment at Western. Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible to apply to the Western Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award.
  • Specific to ROBARTS Award: This award is offered to full-time faculty members (with an eligible research appointment and within 8 years of their initial appointment to a university) or current postdoctoral fellows, who work in a laboratory at Robarts Research Institute. Where the applicant is a postdoctoral fellow, the application and ROLA Proposal must: 1) be completed by the appropriate Robarts Director or Principal Investigator (PI), and 2) identify the post-doctoral fellow applying.

Documents and Resources

Western Contacts

For more information, or questions relating to the Petro-Can Young Innovator Program please contact Julaine Hall (julaine.hall@uwo.ca  or x87970)