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Science Students' Council Celebrate Those Who Make an Impact

On the evening of March 30th the Science Students'Council Dinner was an event to celebrate those Science students who made an impact to student life, to say hello to the incoming executive and to say a fond farewell to those who served on the executive the in the past year.... [more]

Peter Schnurr and Hilary Booth

TD Friends of the Environment Cheque Presentation
By Communications Staff
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) announced today (March 17) the winners of the third annual Go Green Challenge, ...Hilary Booth and Peter Schnurr from The University of Western Ontario, won for their essay submission.... [more]

Natural Selection Simulator screenshot

BUGS Outreach wins Evolution Prize in BC
By Mitchell Zimmer with notes from Karl Heilbron

After countless hours of brainstorming, development and testing, the Biology Undergraduate Society’s (BUGS) success at the Vancouver Evolution Festival seemed to be a natural selection. ... [more]

Brett Lubbock

Chemistry Student's fondness of labs leads to Science Internship
By Victoria Houle

Brett Lubbock of Oakville, Ontario is a 3rd year Chemistry student currently completing a 16 month internship at GABAE Development... [more]

Nadine Wakabayashi

Internship experience earns Environmental Science student Suncor Prize
There will be something a little different at this year’s Western’s Engineering Fall Awards Ceremony this November 19th. Nadine Wakabayashi is the first student in the Faculty of Science to ever win the Suncor Energy Foundation’s Faculty of Engineering Science Award.. [read more]

Jules Cote

Just in time for Hallowe’en :Join Jules Cote for the Harrowing Tale of …From School to the Office
One of the scariest events of my life was starting my internship in my chosen field after twenty years of school.... [read more]