Archival Headlines May 2008- August 2009

Video: A Touch of Glass
By Paul Mayne
Monday, August 31, 2009
Honing his glassblowing skills for decades, Yves Rambour has the uncanny ability to take glass and transform it ...[read more]

In memoriam - Henning Rasmussen
By Communications Staff
Friday, August 14, 2009
Henning Rasmussen, 70, an emeritus professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics, died suddenly from a heart attack on Aug. 11 while visiting family members in New Jersey....[read more]

More soil-plant matching recommended
By Communications Staff
Add pressure from urban sprawl and shrinking cropland to a growing demand for locally produced fruits and vegetables, and it's tempting to bring marginal land into food ...[read more]

Sharpest views of supergiant captured by Western astronomer and international team
By Communications Staff
Betelgeuse is the second brightest star in the constellation of Orion, a red supergiant, one of the biggest stars known, and almost 1,000 times larger than our Sun....[read more]

Summertime Open House
Saturday, 1st of August 2009 from 8:30 PM until 11:00 PM
Cronyn Observatory - University of Western Ontario

The Summertime Open House is an outreach event hosted by professional and amateur astronomers from the University of Western Ontario's Department of Physics & Astronomy and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC).....[read more]

Mark Bernards looks ahead as the new Chair of Biology
By Mitchell Zimmer
Mark Bernards says that he doesn’t plan on changing any of the things which the Biology Department is already doing; rather he is intent on raising the profile of research....[read more]

Mentoring Women: Making it happen
By Mitchell Zimmer
An audience of mostly women faculty, post doctoral fellows and graduate students from across campus filled Room 258 of the Weldon Library to capacity....[read more]

Two Western Grad Students Cause a Double Reaction
By Mitchell Zimmer
Chemistry graduate students Betty Galarreta and Pam Yakabuskie received top honors at the 92nd Canadian Chemical Conference and Exhibition in Hamilton in June....[read more]

In Memoriam - Robert Uffen
By Communications Staff
Wednesday, July 22, 2009
The University of Western Ontario mourns the loss of professor emeritus Robert Uffen, the first dean of Western's new Faculty of Science in 1965, who died July 18 after a long battle with cancer....[read more]

Search for CES Director to Continue
On June 29, Dean David Wardlaw announced that the preferred candidate for Centre for Environment and Sustainability Director had withdrawn.....[read the pdf]

Louise Milligan appointed Interim Director of the ESW Field Station
On June 26, Dean David Wardlaw announced that Dr. Louise Milligan accepted an appointment as Interim Director of the Environmental Science Western Field Station, beginning July 1, 2009....[read the pdf]

Mark Bernards appointed Chair of Biology
On June 25, Dean David Wardlaw announced that Dr. Mark Bernards accepted a five year term as Chair of the
Department of Biology, beginning July 1, 2009....[read the pdf]

Turning Vision into Reality
Since its formal opening in September 2008, staff and researchers at the Biotron have begun to turn the vision of a vibrant and exciting facility dedicated to climate change research into reality. Leading this process are the Scientific Director, Prof. Jeremy McNeil and the recently appointed Managing Director, Robert Poole....[read more of the pdf]

Floating butterflies may be stung by winter
By Communications Staff
Tuesday, June 23, 2009
New research by University of Western Ontario PhD student Caroline Williams suggests that the effect of climate change may vary between different species, even among those that are closely related...[read more]

Chemistry professor wins Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award
By Communications Staff
Monday, June 22, 2009
Paul Ragogna, assistant professor of Inorganic Chemistry at The University of Western Ontario, has been named the 2009 Petro-Canada Young Innovator, an award promoting outstanding research by new faculty....[read more]

IN PROFILE: Charting the course of salmon conservation
By Zahraa Al Khalisi
Monday, June 22, 2009
When Yolanda Morbey took a summer job on an isolated island off the north coast of Vancouver Island in 1991, it wasn't living in a lighthouse that excited her. Instead, it was the task of monitoring the growth of chicks....[read more]

Materials Science Addition opens doors
By Paul Mayne
Friday, June 19, 2009
After three years of planning and construction, the impressive 45,000-square-foot, $15-million Materials Science Addition has opened in the Faculty of Science at The University of Western Ontario...[read more]

Wanted: world problem solvers
By Heather Travis
Thursday, June 11, 2009
From food and water shortages to global warming and the energy crisis, most of the world's issues can be reduced to scientific problems requiring the minds of today's graduates, says leading Canadian scientist Paul Corkum.....[read more]

FACULTY PROFILE: From earthquakes to detecting breast cancer
By Natasha Marar
Tuesday, June 9, 2009

After more than two decades of creating computer images of activity below the earth, University of Western Ontario geophysicist Gerhard Pratt wants to examine something closer to the heart....[read more]

FACULTY PROFILE: The different dimensions of understanding math
By Laura Downs
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the early morning hours at The Grad Club in Middlesex College, Martin Pinsonnault drinks his first coffee of the day. To anyone else, a coffee meeting might be an everyday occurrence, but Pinsonnault sees it differently....[read more]

FACULTY PROFILE: Physicist makes micro machines even smaller
By Chris Mitchell
Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Professor Raimundo Costa is teaching a class in physics this year, but it's English he's worried about. This is the first time Costa is teaching in a language other than his native Portuguese....[read more]

Teaching Assistants honored
An indispensible part of the Faculty of Science is the high quality teaching within undergraduate programs across all of the departments.[read more]

Are viruses edging humans for world supremacy?
By Communications Staff
Wednesday, May 27, 2009
The fact a Canadian can circumnavigate the globe on commercial flights and be back home to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs within two days is a marvel of science and technology.[read more]

Predicting earth movements to make buildings safer
By Emily Beers
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Instead of going on maternity leave, Gail Atkinson started her PhD just three weeks after giving birth to her son. [read more]

Maia Hoeberechts wins Science Outreach and Recruitment Award
By Mitchell Zimmer
It didn’t take much for Maia Hoeberechts to join in the outreach activities in the Computer Science Department. Her involvement began when Mike Katchabaw was chair of the department’s outreach committee. [read more]

Bird wind tunnel lands on campus
By Paul Mayne
Monday, May 25, 2009
While most migratory birds will be skyward when heading south this fall, a handful of their feathered friends will call the climate-controlled confines Advanced Facility for Avian Research (AFAR) their winter home. [read more]

Tsujita and Sinnamon win 2008 Undergraduate Teaching Award
They may teach using different approaches but the two instructors who have been honored with this year’s Faculty of Science Awards of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award both say that what they teach is intertwined with real life. [read more]

The All Science Challenge Comes to Western
Thursday May 7 was Western’s day to host the All Science Challenge. The event kicked off the first of seven of the Let's Talk Science competitions held at universities across Canada.
.... [read more]

Solutions for pest control
By Communications Staff
Monday, April 27, 2009
A team from The University of Western Ontario is one of two groups of Ontario researchers awarded nearly $8 million in funding for environmental genomic research from the Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI)..... [read more]

Young minds turning to science
By Paul Mayne
Thursday, April 9, 2009
The next generation of scientists was out flexing its academic muscle this past weekend as The University of Western Ontario played host to the 39th annual London District Science and Technology Fair (LDSTF)... [read more][click here to see photo galleries of the LDSTF]

Gene study earns new research chairs
By Paul Mayne
Thursday, April 9, 2009
The genetic formations of new animal species and the identification and interpretation of genetic variations in humans are just some of the innovative research being done by Western’s latest Canada Research Chairs (CRC).... [read more]

Chemists happy when vanadium blue
Imagine a switch that could automatically shut off the sun’s heat coming through your window when it gets too hot – but that would still let in the light. Now give that switch a name – vanadium dioxide. [read more]

New Biosensors become lab on a chip
Bernie Kraatz of the Chemistry Department takes a chip from its protective case and balances the centimeter square biosensor at the end of his index finger... [read more]

Nerenberg lecturer tells of Sunspots, Murder, Whiskey and Witchcraft
Sallie Baliunas opened the twelfth annual Nerenberg Lecture with a question. “Where have the sunspots gone?” The observation has consequences more relevant to us on Earth than we think... [read more]

Western grabs back-to-back awards at Ontario Biology Day
Rachel White and Matthew McCann, two students from Western, have walked away with two top awards from the twenty-first Ontario Biology Day.... [read more]

Kleiber wins Lumsden Fellowship
Ph.D. candidate Morgan Kleiber is one of the latest recipients of the Lumsden Fellowship. Her work focuses on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.... [read more]

Western joins the World in 100 hours of Astronomy
It was 400 years ago when Galileo first looked through a telescope into the night sky, from that the popular notion of astronomy as we know it was born. .... [read more]

Nerenberg: Sunspots, Murder, Whiskey, and Witchcraft
On March 26 at 7:30pm in Conron Hall, Nerenberg lecturer Sallie Balinunas will say that the number of sunspots still haven't returned to normal since their expected low in 2007. Why? Answering that question leads not just to the physics of other stars and exoplanets, but on a path through history taking us from witchcraft laws, to whiskey and the forensics of ancient murders... [read more]

Lipson named Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada
CIC Fellowships are granted to individuals for exceptional contributions to the chemical profession, including scientific and technical contributions, contributions to teaching, and/or contributions to scientific management including contributions to the Chemical Institute of Canada and the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC). [read more]

Jones re-appointed Chair of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences
On February 27, David Wardlaw, Dean of Science announced that Bruce Jones accepted a 5-year re-appointment as Chair of the Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, beginning July 1, 2009. To see the official announcement click here.

Friday, 27th of February 2009, Physics & Astronomy Building - University of Western Ontario,Doors open at 1:00 PM with events until 8:00 PM. Come and celebrate the Grand Opening of the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX) and the Canadian Lunar Research Network (CLRN)... [read more]

Why evolution?
Western Biology professor Marc-André Lachance talked about ‘why evolution?’ to kick-off the 2009 Darwin Anniversary Lecture Series. Missed it? Don't worry there are more events to see to celebrate Charles Darwins's 200th anniversary click here.

Four Canada Research Chairs for Western
Four researchers from The University of Western Ontario were announced as the university's newest Canada Research Chairs. The funding value of the four Chairs announced for Western totals $3.8 million..... [read more]

The ‘big idea’ that changed everything
By Jenni Dunning
With a worm’s tail, an elephant’s trunk and eyes that stick out on stems, the Tully Monster is an unusual-looking organism..... [read more]

Investigating our dusty universe
By Alexis Brown
For some couples, it takes a candlelit dinner for sparks to fly.
For others, all it takes are a few conversations about quantum physics to get the ball rolling.... [read more]

You can help the Faculty of Science towards its goal of being a “learning-intensive Faculty”
When you hear the phrase “learning intensive,” what does it mean to you?.... [read more]

Chemistry grad student ‘tames’ germanium
A surprisingly simple experiment performed by a chemist at the University of Western Ontario has yielded a new chemical species netting worldwide attention.... [read more]

Western helps to kick off the International Year of Astronomy
The International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) is an international celebration of astronomy, highlighted by the 400th anniversary of the first pointing of a telescope to the sky by Galileo Galilei. In London, IYA2009 was kicked-off by a family-friendly inaugural day at the department of Physics and Astronomy at Western.... [read more]

2009 L'Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science Award laureate has a Western connection
... The winner for Africa & the Arab States is Tebello Nyokong, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Nanotechnology in the Department of Chemistry at Rhodes University in South Africa. Nyokong received her PhD from The University of Western Ontario.... [read more]

Tom Haffie in top 20 of TVO's Best Lecturer Competition
In September 2008, there were a record 160 submissions to TVO's 2009 Big Ideas Best Lecturer Competition. Now there are only 20 and Westrn's Tom Haffie is still in the running. Follow the link to find out more about Tom and a video of his submissions lecture... [read more]

Termites may shed light on evolutionary puzzle
By Sharon Hill, Windsor Star, December 9, 2008
LEAMINGTON - Termites from Leamington are helping a University of Western Ontario researcher learn more about the home wreckers that could help in pest control and solve a Darwinian dilemma... [read more]

VROC virtually brings a Western expert to the classroom
Mrs. Norma Bingham’s Grade 6 class at the St. George – German School is learning a unit about species invasion and its threat to biodiversity. The school, just six kilometers north of Brantford, would normally be out of the way for a visit by Dr. Brent Sinclair of Western’s Biology Department. That is where Virtual Researcher On Call (VROC) comes in.... [read more]

Tracking the universe for 40 years
David Gray likely wouldn’t mind being referred to as having his head in the stars. The professor emeritus (Physics & Astronomy) has been doing exactly that since coming to Western more than 40 years ago... [read more]

Science goes boldly into 'inner' space
The notion of injecting nanostructured materials into the human body to attack a tumour or performing surgery on individual cells sounds like futuristic fiction.... [read more]

David Suzuki says act now to reverse environmental damage
At the age of seventy two, Dr. David Suzuki has literally spent half of his life speaking out for the environment. At times controversial, he is never afraid of making his views known... [read more]

Southam to ge a guest on "Quirks & Quarks"
Gord Southam will discuss the discovery of the single species ecosystem, made of a community of bacterium, with Bob McDonald on "Quirks & Quarks" this Saturday....[read more] [CBC link]

Cameras capture 'fireball' in the sky
For the second time this year, The University of Western Ontario Meteor Group has captured rare video footage of a meteor falling to Earth..... [read more]

Carol Jones to be first ever Assistant Dean for Diversity & Outreach
This week David Wardlaw, Dean of Science, announced that Dr. Carol Jones has accepted a 2-year term as Assistant Dean (Diversity & Outreach) commencing January 1, 2009.... [read more]

'Bold Traveler' discovery reveals one-of-a-kind microorganism
Two researchers with Western ties are part of a team that has identified a remarkable find - one some experts say may speak to the chance of finding life in other parts of our universe..... [read more]

Making first-year labs crystal clear
The Faculty of Science at The University of Western Ontario is making chemistry and physics labs more transparent to the public.... [read more]

Biotron official opening
How will the Canadian subarctic respond to climate change? Beginning with today's official opening, the Biotron Experimental Climate Change Research Centre at Western will help develop a clearer picture of what the future holds.... [read more]

New Director of Nanofabrication Laboratory Announced
It's official, Bernie Kraatz is the new Director of the Nanofabrication Laboratory for the period August 1, 2008 to June 30, 2011... [read more]

New Scientific Director of Biotron Announced
Jeremy McNeil has accepted the position as Scienctific Director of the Biotron for the period August 1, 2008 to June 30, 2011.... [read more]

Western partners with NASA
The sky is no longer the limit for Western as they have become the first international affiliate partner with NASA's California-based Lunar Science Institute.... [read more]

Early Researcher Award recipients announced
Ten leading researchers at The University of Western Ontario were recognized Friday for their pioneering work at the start of their academic career.... [read more]
To see a photo gallery of the recipients in Science, click here.

New Environment and Sustainability Program Co-Directors begin July 1, 2008
We extend our deepest appreciation and well wishes to the first Director of the Environment and Sustainability Program whose term ended June 30, 2008. Dr. Bailey ... [read more]

Emerald ash borer - how cold is too cold?
Already having devastated trees in the Essex, Lambton and Chatham-Kent areas, the pesky emerald ash borer is in the sights of Western biologist Brent Sinclair as he tries to predict how far north it can survive.... [read more]

Discovery proves 'selfish gene' exists
A new discovery by a scientist from The University of Western Ontario provides conclusive evidence to support decades-old evolutionary beliefs about the existence of a so-called selfish gene.... [read more]

FACULTY PROFILE: From outer space to inner space
Professor Pauline Barmby met her future husband, Professor Charles Mackenzie, through the astronomy club at the University of British Columbia.Read the Western news story of how they both came to Western.... [read more]

Mining a new generation of economic geologists
With a worldwide shortage of economic geologists and growing demand for natural resources, the Earth Sciences department is embarking on a multi-million dollar initiative to become the premier national institution for graduating entrepreneurial geologist-explorers.... [read more]

Are butterflies barometer of environment change?
With a cool breeze coming off Lake Erie, Caroline Williams and Daria Koscinski are strolling through fields of flowers near Long Point.
While it sounds like the perfect day away from the office, the biologists are actually on the hunt – for butterflies... [read more]

Honors Graduates in Scholar's Electives and Bachelor of Medical Science programs win Governor General's Medals
Only two honors students a year in the entire university graduating class win the Governor General's Medal. The award is given to the graduating students with the highest standing in any four-year honors program at the University.... [read more]

Three Chairs and One Acting Chair Appointed
On June 2nd, The Dean of Science, Dr. David Wardlaw announced that the following Chairs have been appointed in three Departments:

David Jeffrey (Applied Mathematics) for a five year term beginning July 1, 2008

Rob Mercer (Computer Science) for a three year term beginning July 1, 2008

R. Gerhard Pratt (Earth Sciences) for a five year term beginning September 1, 2008

The Dean also announced that, "Dr. Brock Fenton has accepted a one-year term as Acting Chair of the Department of Biology, beginning July 1, 2008."

Faculty and Staff Recognition Day 2008: A New Celebration in a New Venue
In the midmorning of May 7th, about 170 faculty and staff took time out of their busy schedules to honor their colleagues at the Annual Faculty and Staff Recognition Day held in the Great Hall.... [read more]

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