Archival Headlines March 2006 to May 2008

End of semiconductor roadmap ahead
Eli Yablonovitch is the founding experimentalist in photonic band gap materials.... [read more]

Western Volunteers - Anna Vandendries-Barr
Administrative Officer, Department of Chemistry
Where do you volunteer?
I am a Sparks leader and trainer with Girl Guides of Canada (GGC)..... [read more]

How Western supports London Science Fair
By Ted Medzon
The recent London District Science and Technology Fair held at Galleria London featured major support from several faculties, research units, and faculty, students, and staff at The University of Western Ontario.... [read more]

Geologists unearth big-time offers
Instant six-figure salaries. Stock options. Corporate jets. This is the lifestyle only an MBA graduate can aspire to, right? Think again... [read more]

Perseverance, serendipity play roles in success
Jeremy McNeil’s path to success has not been a straight line.
“One of the things I have learned is that things do happen rather serendipitously and you have to be ready to say ‘this is an opportunity I hadn’t planned on.”... [read more]

Take a scientific journey into the digital age
In the quest for knowledge, university campuses are often at the forefront of harnessing new technologies. Having gone wireless, digital technology floats through the air and permeates many facets of our everyday lives..... [read more]

New Faculty Profile: The secret to success? Curiosity
The shelves and desk in Robert Cumming’s office are littered with biology papers and research grant applications, there are at least three pictures of his two daughters adorning the small room and near the door a motorcycle helmet ... [read more]

New Faculty Profile: Big picture in small images
François Lagugné-Labarthet shrugs at the long list of achievements, awards and research grants outlined on his curriculum vitae.... [read more]

Western receives $19.4M for facilities renewal
The University of Western Ontario will receive just under $20 million from the Ontario government to be used towards the maintenance and renewal of facilities.... [read more]

Nerenberg Lecture- Dr. Sally Blower's work on the spread of AIDS
Sally Blower has made a career of constructing mathematical models to study the evolutionary dynamics of drug resistance... [read more]

New Faculty Profile: Discovering the beauty in math
Janusz Adamus has taken his Nikon camera across central Europe, to Canada and to his favourite destination, the Tetra Mountains in Poland.... [read more]

Western's world space party launches Saturday, April 12
The legacy of the first person in space will be celebrated on campus this weekend by the Space Society of London (SSOL). [ read more from Western News][details from Planetary Science]

Singh wins Genetics Society of Canada’s Top Honour
The Award of Excellence given by the Genetics Society of Canada celebrates a lifetime of achievement. In Shiva Singh’s case, he maintains he won the award because of the hard work of whole teams of people over the years - students, post docs and technicians... [read more]

Physics and Astronomy at Western has highest proportion of women faculty in Canada
The representation of women on our faculty is by far the highest in Canada, with nine of the 29 faculty members in Physics and Astronomy at Western being women!... [read more]

Statistical & Actuarial Sciences pays Tribute to Mereu Milestone
It seems that John Mereu didn't suspect anyone would notice his 80th birthday.... [read more]

Kane one of four ‘exceptional scholars’ to win top award
Western's latest honorees of Distinguished University Professorships join a select group of faculty members recognized for exceptional scholarly careers.... [read more]

Opening our eyes to computer vision
Yuri Boykov says he used to work with mathematical programs but when he saw the immediate feedback presented by computer vision problems he was intrigued.... [read more]

Lipson wins Pleva Award
Over the past 20 years, Robert Lipson has played a pivotal in improving the study of Chemistry at Western and other Canadian institutions. ... [read more]

Western astronomers on hunt for meteor
Astronomers from Western have captured rare video of a meteor falling to Earth, and are hoping to enlist the help of local residents in recovering one or more possible meteorites that may have crashed in the Parry Sound area..... [read more]

Western to upgrade astronomy facility
Officials at the University of Western Ontario were starry-eyed yesterday at a $9-million boost from the Ontario government to upgrade the astronomy and physics building.... [read more in the London Free Press article]

New discovery of ‘old growth’ crystals
Three-billion-year-old zircon microcrystals found in northern Ontario are proving to be a new record of the processes that form continents and their natural resources, including gold and diamonds.... [read more]

This research is literally for the birds
The University of Western Ontario broke ground today on a $9-million bird-flight research facility that will feature the world’s first hypobaric climatic wind tunnel for birds... [read more]

Longstaffe wins Miller Medal
Western Provost and Vice-President (Academic) Fred Longstaffe has been awarded the Willet G. Miller Medal by the Royal Society of Canada (RSC).... [read more]

Internships sample life beyond university
After years of classes, exams and expenses new graduates often find themselves in a dilemma... [read more]

Westmacott appointed as first Academic Manager
Penny Westmacott has taken on the role of Academic Manager, Faculty of Science and Basic Medical Sciences starting February 4th 2008.... [read more]

Mike Katchabaw Receives NSERC I2I Funding
In its most recent Idea to Innovation (I2I) Program competition, NSERC awarded Michael Katchabaw $125,000 to further the development of the Algorithmic Music Evolution Engine (AMEE) developed at Western.... [read more]

New eye facility a first for Ontario
What do you get when you combine the skills and knowledge of a biologist, engineer and medical professor?
An experimental eye research facility, the first of its kind in Ontario.... [read more in The London Free Press article]

It's not science fiction, it's Western research
Imagine a machine that can be trucked on to a farm where it can turn corn stalks, tobacco leaves, chopped wood, unharvested grains and grasses into solids, liquids and gases that can be used for fuels, fertilizers... [read more from Sun Media]

New book first step in comparative histology
...When it comes to exploring animal cells, the resources are quite limited. Don McMillan has just published a book that is the first step in comparative histology.... [read more]

Hobby takes 'totally unexpected' turn for retired professor
When he retired from The University of Western Ontario in 2000, physics and astronomy professor emeritus Don Moorcroft planned on keeping up with his area of expertise albeit at a slower pace... [read more]

Teaching part of science equation
The concerns of a science faculty used to revolve around facts and research.
Recent work by Tom Haffie is intended to demonstrate that learning and teaching are a new top priority... [read more]

In Memoriam - Remembering Allan Heinicke, 1940–2007
“At one time, I thought I wanted to study physics. As I pursued that, I realized I had a bias ... I was more interested in the mathematical models of theoretical physics" ... [read more]

Puddephatt awarded Canada’s highest civilian honour
University of Western Ontario chemist Richard Puddephatt has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of outstanding work in inorganic chemistry and leadership within the research community... [read more]

Western professor key to Nobel Prize-winning research
A professor at The University of Western Ontario is credited as a collaborator in research that garnered a German scientist the 2007 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.... [read more]

Ecosystem health program heads to Kenya
Western’s ecosystem health initiative has made inroads this past year in increasing its international profile in Africa. Kenya is a country that represents the type of shift that will be seen in many parts of the world.... [read more]

2007 Nerenberg Lecture - Dr. Leslie Woods
When Dr. Leslie Woods, fellow of Balliol College at Oxford University, entitled his lecture “Against the Tide: The Fusion Energy Establishment and a Heretic’s Challenge” .... [read more]

Surprising results as scientists 'go deep'
When people hit rock bottom it usually isn't something to celebrate, however, for Neil Banerjee of the Earth Sciences department doing just that has brought... [read more]

Inside Surface Science Western: More than scratching the … well you know.
The recent achievement of Surface Science Western’s (SSW) ISO 9001 rating is not only unique ... [read more]

Homer-Dixon explores 'the upside of down'
The second William S. Fyfe Short Course on Sustainability and Resource Management provided a forum to bring scientists and business leaders together ... [read more]

45 years ... and counting for Smith
In a quiet second-floor corner of the Biology and Geology building is an austere wooden door, largely out of sight to anyone not expressly looking for Room 235... [read more]

Mathematician Kane double award winner
... Western’s Richard Kane won the inaugural David Borwein Distinguished Career Award as well as the CMS Distinguished Service Award.... [read more]

Surface Science Western ISO 9001 Certified
A pioneering Western research facility is the first in Canada to achieve a top-flight quality accreditation.... [read more]

Meet NSERC's newset council member: Dr. Chris Essex
... Essex received NSERC funding for his research many times over the more than 20 years he has been at Western. Now, he’s feeling a bit of a role reversal... [read more]


  • SHARCnet gets funding boost [read more...]
  • Gillies’ Polanyi Prize repeat win for Chemistry [read more...]
  • Graduate Student and Professor win Statistics Award [read more...]
  • Latest CRC researcher Davison studies energy use. [read more...]
  • Meet the new Associate Dean (Administration) for the Faculty of Science: Dr. Louise Milligan. [read more...]
  • WINS Distinguished Lecturer Franz Himpsel explains what is special about nanoscience and nanotechnology. [read more...]
  • Peter Brown wins the 2006 Florence Bucke Prize [read more...]
  • New Dean of Science appointed - Dr. David M. Wardlaw. [read more...]
  • The Western Institute for Nanomaterials Science (WINS) will hold its 2nd One Day Workshop Friday March 24. [read more...]
  • R. Stephen Berry spoke at the Nerenberg Lecture about the amazing invention - or is it discovery? - of energy. [read more...]