Armour lecture to be keynote of Fall Gathering of Women in Science


Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour and Dr. David Wardlaw

Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour who is the Associate Dean of Science, Diversity from the University of Alberta chats with Dr. David Wardlaw, Dean of Science at Western.

By Mitchell Zimmer

The Fall Gathering of Women in Science is an opportunity for the women scientists and graduate students throughout the Faculty to meet and share their experiences of their lives in science research. One of the major issues is the recruitment of women into science academia.

The University of Alberta's Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour is well acquainted with this issue. She is the current Associate Dean of Science, Diversity there and is a founding member and past Vice-Chair of WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology) at the University of Alberta with a mandate to take action to increase the proportion of women in decision-making roles in the sciences and engineering. WISEST is a founding member of CCWESTT, the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Trades and Technology and Dr. Armour has served as its President.

She will address the Fourth Annual Fall Gathering on Wednesday, October 10 in Room 240 of the Western Science Centre from 7:00 to 9:00 with her talk: "Project Catalyst: Positive Actions to Recruit and Retain Women in the Sciences."