The Faculty of Science's new Associate Dean (Administration): Dr. Louise Milligan

Offer of position came "out of the blue "


Dr. Greg Kelly in his laboratory

By Mitchell Zimmer

Dr. Louise Milligan of the Department of Biology remembers wondering why Dr. Roland Haines, the Acting Dean of Science, wanted to meet with her last month. She says that Haines started “talking about all the changes that have been happening in the Faculty of Science and then he talked about the position [of Associate Dean (Administrative)] that he has been in and then asked if I was interested in taking it on. It came right out of the blue… I had no idea.” After Milligan discussed the matter with her family and colleagues she thought that becoming Science’s newest Associate Dean would be a good opportunity.

Milligan says that it is a good time to take on this three year position, “the new Dean is coming in, the Faculty is continually growing and I think that it would be fun and exciting to be part of that.” She also says that it is fortunate that Dr. Haines “will be around to help mentor me into the position. He’s been very great in that respect, he’s made it very clear that he’ll be there as a resource to help me get aboard.”

Before she takes on the position on May 1, Milligan says that there are certain tasks to wrap before she takes on her new responsibilities. In addition to being the director of the fish physiology and biochemistry laboratory, Milligan has been involved in numerous administrative duties within the Biology Department such as the Chair for Undergraduate Curriculum Committee which, as Milligan says, “has been a huge time commitment and there have been a lot of initiatives and I want to see as many through to completion as possible. Milligan has also served on various committees within the Faculty of Science and has been a member of the University Senate, the Faculty Association and Western’s Caucus on Women’s Issues. She also, along with Dr. Gloria Leckie, Associate Dean at FIMS co-organized and co-authored the subsequent report entitled “Challenges in the Academic Journey: A Symposium about Women in the Sciences and Engineering at UWO” which was submitted to the Deans of Science, Engineering Science, Medicine and Dentistry (now the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry), Health Sciences and the Provost in 2004.

Is there a reason for starting May 1st? “That’s when it gets really quite busy and that’s likely a good time to get involved with what’s going on,” says Milligan. “There will also be time before the new Dean comes so I’ll have at least a little bit of inside information before he starts.” Then she adds, “I’m looking forward to it, I think it will be a fun time. The Dean has got a good team over there.”