2006 Awards for Excellence in Teaching:
Dr. Greg Kelly wins Pleva Award

"Teaching not done until 'hooding'"


Dr. Greg Kelly in his laboratory

Western News reporter Karmen Dowling interviews this year's award winners to find out what makes for great teaching. For the rest of the story, click here.

Gregory Kelly
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science
Years at Western: 10 ½
Winner: Pleva Award

Greg Kelly says 2006 has been a banner year for him.

And it's only mid-February.

In January, Kelly was promoted to full-professor and this month, he was chosen to receive Western's top teaching award, the Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching.

"These things are milestones in one's career," says Kelly. "Certainly, I have many more years at Western - so this has come early, but I don't mind!"

Looking at the names of the past 85 winners of the award, Kelly says he is honoured to be in such company.

The Manitoba native says being accessible to students and treating them equally but understanding their uniqueness is ultra important.

One of the reasons Kelly was chosen was because of his common-sense approach and dedication to students which has revolutionalized the graduate and undergraduate Cell Biology programs. He is constantly creating and upgrading curricula to provide each student with the knowledge and training opportunities that prepare them for what lies beyond Western.

Kelly's teaching style establishes a rapport with students and infuses them with an infectious enthusiasm for learning and science. A former undergraduate student noted "students routinely and voluntarily stayed late working on their projects with not just a teaching assistant, but a professor at their side."

Kelly feels being a professor is the greatest job in the world.

"Teaching, research, even the administration and trying to balance it all - I can't think of a better profession."
A colleague of Kelly's comments, "Greg doesn't believe that his job as a teacher is finished until he has hooded his students at Convocation."

This time when Kelly attends convocation in the spring to see his students graduate, he will also be recognized for playing a role in helping them reach their academic potential.