Outreach Programs

For Teachers


Mathematics Contest Preparation Sessions

Students interested in mathematics are taught interesting concepts and methods. Practice contests are also reviewed. (Great prep for Descartes, Euclid, Fermat or Gauss contests)

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Teacher Workshops - Physics

90 minute sessions. Discussion of teaching techniques and general interest topics. As directed by participants.

Science teachers

When: 3 sessions per year

Contact: Patrick Whippey, 519-661-2111 Ext. 86431

Teacher Workshops - Earth Sciences

"The Geology of London" - Mini-course in Geology for teachers.

Science teachers

When: March to May, 1 evening a week

Contact: Cam Tsujita, 519-661-2111 Ext 86740

School Visits

Speakers are available from all of the departments in the Faculty of Science, including the Medical Sciences. If you are interested, chances are we have someone who can visit you. Virtual school visits are available through the Virtual Researcher On Call (VROC) a project of Partners In Research.

Students & teachers, all levels