Outreach Programs

For Elementary Students

elementary school student

Bit by Bit

A summer camp for students interested in computer science.

Students age 11-15

When: July & August; several other sessions annually

Contact: Angie Muir
519-661-2111 Ext. 86877

For more information: bitbybit@csd.uwo.ca
Website: http://www.csd.uwo.ca/bitbybit

Field Trips

To Rock Glen Conservation Area to collect fossils of brachiopods, trilobites and corals.

All student levels

When: September to November; during Summer

Contact: Cam Tsujita, 519-661-2111 Ext 86740

Earth Science Workshops & Lectures

Learn more about dinosaurs and their habits from "Dinosaur Tracks" and "Dinosaur Reconstruction".

Elementary school students

When: As arranged

Contact: Cam Tsujita, 519-661-2111 Ext 86740

Exploring the Stars

Tours of the observatory, and sometimes slide presentations and interesting astronomy topics.

General Public, school groups, other group tours

Website: www.astro.uwo.ca/exploringthestars
Email: explore@astro.uwo.ca
Phone: Anne Brooks (519-661-3183)

Open House Events (March and Nov.)

Open house days during march break for students to visit The University of Western Ontario and learn more about the university and its programs.

Students, parents, teachers & general public

When: Saturday in March and November (see web)

For more information: www.welcome.uwo.ca

Campus Tours

Tours of the University campus and specific Faculties are frequently available.

General public

When: Campus Tours - daily; Faculty - weekly

For more information: www.welcome.uwo.ca