Faculty of Science

Faculty News Archives 2014

January to March

Jan.7 - London free Press - Western professor helps discover failed stars, known as brown dwarfs, contain violent, planet-size storms

Jan. 7 - Western News - Stormy stars? NASA's Spitzer probes weather on brown dwarfs

Jan. 8 - Le Figaro - Des orages de sable chaud et de fer en fusion sur des étoiles « froides »

Jan. 16 - Western News -  Three projects tapped for NSERC Strategic Project Grants - featuring Chemistry professor Dr. Oleg Semenikhin work on solar energy

Jan. 17 - Western News -  Planetary cartographer's Mars atlas named top scholarly work

Jan. 25  - Plastiglomerate? (Podcast Series)

Feb. 13 - Western News - Between a rock and an artistic place

April to June

July to September

Jul. 16 - Temperature Rising: Can Canada’s Fish Adapt to Climate Change?

Aug.7 - The Currency of Genes

Aug. 13 - A Driving Force

Sep. 9 - Western News - Six researchers named to Royal Society of Canada

Sep.15 - Gold Plated Solar Power

October to December

Nov.20 - Study confirms dangers of fetal alcohol exposure