Faculty of Science

Celebrating the best Graduate Student Science Teaching Assistants of 2013-2014

The Faculty of Science is proud of the dedication and hard work of the following recipients of the Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Awards for the academic year 2013-2014

Applied Mathematics Winner Pavlo Piatkovskyi

Presenter Dr. Vlad Miransky (left) winner Pavlo Piatkovskyi (right) from Applied Mathematics .

Biology winner Morgan klieber
Nominator dr. Denis Maxwell (left) with recipient Morgan Kleiber (right) from Biology.

Chemistry winner Jonathan Dube

Jonathan Dube (left) and Dr. Kim Baines, Chemistry Chair on the right.

Computer Science winner Bryan Sarlo

Dr. Stephen Watt (left) presenting the award to Bryan Sarlo (right) from Computer Science.

earth Sciences winner Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell from Earth Sciences.

Environment and Sustainable Program winner Kaylin Liznick

Dr. Dan Shrubsole, Director CES (left) presenting the award to Kaylin Liznick (right) from the Environment and Sustainability Program

Jessica Yau from Mathematics

Presenter Dr. Nicole Lemire (left) and Jessica Yau (right) from Mathematics

Winner Wayne Oswald from Physics and astronomy

Dr. Martin Houde (left) from Physics & Astronomy and winner Wayne Oswald (right).

Winner Nikita Yuzhou Zhang from Statistical and Actuarial Sciences

Presenter Dr. Rogemar Mamon (left) from Statistical & Actuarial Sciences and winner Nikita Yuzhou Zhang (right).