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Western scientists predict mass “heart attacks” for Canada’s Pacific salmon population

Western University researchers earn national NSERC awards

Western adds two new Canada Research Chairs, three more renewed

Western Celebrates Contribution to Canada's Space Program with Annual Space Day

Western hosts Ontario Provincial Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition

International research team discover unusual iron-rich structures growing from fungi

Western University scientists solve mammoth-sized ‘conundrum’

International research team finds new hope for life in Martian crust

Research examines how genetic changes lead to diversity of species

CSA astronaut returns to the “Moon” with Western planetary geologist

New program at Western developing specialized magnetic resonance imaging systems receives CFI funding

Western University researcher plays key role in planetary discovery

New ‘digital tracking’ technique detects more than 150 new asteroids, measures distance

International Observe the Moon Night returns to Western (and the world)

Western to host observatory viewing for rare eclipsed Supermoon Sunday

Western looks ‘back to the future’ at Cronyn Observatory 75th anniversary events

Western University among Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2016

Western students ‘heading’ to Mars with Canadian Space Agency as part of simulation

Fenton named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Bird documentary featuring ‘dazzling’ Western research comes to campus


Western researcher leads NASA probe of weather on brown dwarfs

Western planetary cartographer’s Mars atlas recognized as top scholarly work

Western researchers find broccoli and cabbage by-product are safe pest control for spider mites

Classes Without Quizzes presents ‘Big Brains, Big Data, Big Challenges’

International collaboration develops clinical tool to measure activity of brain at rest

Western University PhD student receives NASA recognition for operating Mars rover

Western biologist shares NSERC Synergy Award with research and industry partners

Western applauds continued research excellence fund in federal budget

Western-led study reveals new surface chemistry in electric vehicle batteries

This battle of the sexes is for the birds

International investigation images Earth’s oldest crystal in ‘deep time’

Classes Without Quizzes explores asteroids, comets and collisions with Earth

Bringing space to life on Earth: Two planetary scientists among four new Chairs at Western

Western University astronomers seeking meteorites that may have crashed near St. Thomas, Ontario

Western researchers believe “weird winter” may have lasting effects

Western students talk against the clock at Three Minute Thesis competition

Rare form of fat found in flies fuels them while frozen

Western researchers investigate protection of Far North’s most precious resource

Meteorite impact craters may have hosted early life on Earth

Western hosts major international computer science conference

Evolutionary biologists discover “maternal effect” key to fish combating climate change

New study from Western’s Biotron shows climate change impacts northern wetlands

Dream team of astrophysicists explore massive stars at Western-led international space conference

Western students operate Mars rover in partnership with Canadian Space Agency

London Bug Day boasts cockroach races, edible insects and zoo

Western hosts International Observe the Moon Night on Saturday, September 6

Six Western University researchers named fellows of Royal Society of Canada

Western scientists revolutionize solar power with new “gold nanocluster” technology

Exoplanet hunter brings search for Earth twin to Western

New Canada Research Chair finds promise from proteins for cancer, neurodegenerative disease

Western space explorers ready to capture new images of the surface of Mars

Western to host FIRST Lego League robotics tournament

Western space explorers release first two images of Mars captured by team using HiRISE


An Image of the Future of Healthcare: Biomedical Imaging Leads Way

Western Researchers Aim to Improve Wireless Networks

Canada’s aquatic ecosystems research gets boost from NSERC

Western meteor expert joins investigation into infamous Windsor Hum’

Western University meteor expert to speak about Earth-shattering Russian event

Western and IBM host workshop to solve complex problems for local industry

Western participates in World Water Day with research panel and showcase

Western researchers lead sequencing of genome for second-largest group of animals

Novel natural nanomaterial spins off from spider-mite genome sequencing

Western researchers find fear itself affects predator-prey relationship

Western researchers acquit the tins in mysterious failed Franklin expedition

Canadian astronaut and Western researcher to help students plan mission to Mars

Western’s Petroleum Geology Program receives $5 million software gift from Schlumberger Canada

Students simulate Mars Rover mission at Canadian Space Agency

Western led research strips down platinum to nanosized fuel cell catalysts

International conference explores effect of climate change on coldblooded insects

Western-led ‘international beam team’ solves Martian meteorite age puzzle

Nobel Prize winner Klaus von Klitzing to deliver Western Faculty of Science lecture

Climate change expert Lord Julian Hunt presents WindEEE public lecture

Western planetary geologist and NASA team for out-of-this-world student experience

New research shows events like Russian asteroid may happen more frequently

Mission Meteorite! mines local talent for future astronauts

CPSX teams with NASA for virtual institute

Western’s Faculty of Science celebrates Eureka moments and major transformation


Exploring space, reimagining Red Hiding Hood and understanding language without words

Spider mite genome sequence establishes tools to tackle pest resistance

New Canada Research Chair looks back 15,000 years to understandfuture climate change

Western-led Canadian Astrobiology Network officially partners with NASA

Warm winters may be nice for humans but not so much for butterflies

Western astrophysicist uncovers possible secret origin of brown dwarfs

Western on cloud nine with IBM, government partnership

Western offers safe viewing of rare Venus transit

Western researchers link Martian surface “oddities” with subsurfacewater and impact craters

CSA astronaut to join Western planetary geologist on “moon” mission

Western astronomers (and the world) set to observe the Moon

Western planetary cartographer launches Mars atlas

Western-led initiative unites scientists studying the future of Great Lakes Basin

Two new Canada Research Chairs named at Western – eight renewed

Cold cricket case could defrost mysteries of changing climate

Canadian Space Summit and Apollo 17 astronaut descend on Western

Western University astronomers part of massive NASA meteorite discovery at Sutter’s Mill

Western biologists bore into Canadian termite invasion

Western scientists use fossils to discover the ancient equator

Western astronomer and anthropologist debunk Mayan doomsday prediction