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Industry Problem Solving Week

The Faculty of Science at Western University (Western Science) is hosting the fifth annual Industry Problem Solving Week (IPSW) February 21st through 24th, 2017. The IPSW event brings together approximately 75 undergraduate and graduate students from various faculties and schools at Western in order to develop solution strategies for real-world business problems. Ten industry partners from London, Waterloo and the GTA are presenting problem statements dealing with digital transformation, financial technology, business innovation, and marketing. These problems will challenge students to apply their knowledge of science, engineering, business and the arts to the kinds of authentic problems they are likely to encounter in careers after graduation.

The companies working with Western students during IPSW are:

Western Science has been convening annual IPSW events since 2013. The event helps students develop a portfolio of professional skills that allow them to succeed in their postgraduate careers. By working in multidisciplinary groups, students learn teamwork and collaboration skills. Real business problems are rarely as straightforward as the exercises students typically encounter in classrooms, so IPSW teaches students how to step beyond the confines of their subject matter expertise and deal with ambiguities and complexities in their problem-solving. The students finish the week by preparing a written report and presenting their solution strategy in a live pitch competition. This aspect of IPSW helps students develop the kind of general communication skills that are expected in the workplace. Overall, the IPSW event represents the type of high impact experiential learning that Western Science promotes so that graduates leave school prepared to contribute to the local and national economy.

Agenda for IPSC 2017

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