Faculty of Science

Program Overview

The Master’s in Environment and Sustainability program creates graduates that can work on interdisciplinary teams and who can take leadership in solving the challenges posed by societal changes related to the environment and ecological demands.

The program is designed to focus and develop the intellectual and practical skills for the application and advancement of environmental sciences and sustainability in scientific, business, industrial and policy sectors.   The program is designed for students who have sufficient formal education at the undergraduate and possibly graduate level and/or work experience.  With this depth of knowledge, students in the program seek to better understand the interdisciplinary and complex nature of environmental programs through course work, professional development workshops, and job skills.  A consulting program will challenge students with the complex nature of a specific project on the environment or sustainability – from inception through analysis, documentation, and presentation.  In the final (summer) term, a cooperative education (co-op) placement provides a first-hand opportunity at learning on the job.