Faculty of Science

How to Hire a Student

You can hire a student in three easy steps!

Step 1:  Create a job description listing the work that you require a student to perform.

Step 2:  Select and interview the candidates that are best suited to your needs.

Step 3:  Complete a job offer form and rank the student or students that you are interested in hiring.

Create a job posting by, filling in the MES job posting form here

Send it back to the MES Co-op office on or before FRIDAY JANUARY 25th, 2013.

OR, create your job posting online using our on-campus electronic job posting board “Career Central”.  Click here to link to this system.

Your job description should include:

If you would like to re-post the same position as last year, contact Allison McInnis at: amcinni6@uwo.ca to review and re-post it.

Student applications can be downloaded from the “Career Central” system or emailed directly to you by the MES Co-op Advisor.

Please note that interview dates can be booked in advance, and are encouraged.  Please contact the MES Co-op Office  to book your interview date.

Please note: all interviews and job offers must be processed through the MES Co-op Office.