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Appointments are typically given for the following reasons:

  • Transfer Students
  • Dean's Waiver or On Probation Appointments
  • Second Degrees
  • Concurrent Degree
  • Exchange Students

We ask students with all other reasons to come to our office for a drop-in session. If you can't come in please fill out the form below.

Please consider the reason for your appointment and see if there is an alternative to avoid the wait time:

*Please note: Effective September 2015, students will not be permitted to bring large bags or backpacks beyond the waiting area. The counselling assistants will provide a secure location to store your belongings while you are in your appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.

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    • First Year Science

    • First Year Medical Science (MedSci 1)

    • Second Year Medical Science (MedSci 2)

    • Year 2-4 + Science

    • Year 3-4 + Medical Science

    • Transfer Student

    • Beginning a Second Degree

  • (All counsellors are able to discuss any issue – however each person has specialities – click here to learn more ).

    • Deb Gregus

    • Courtney Fleet

    • Jane Sexsmith

    • John De Heus

    • Tarrah Fairweather

    • No preference – would like first available appointment


  • For successful submission of this form, you must select from one of the reasons below. If you feel your reason doesn't match one of the options or you wish to explain your situation in greater detail, select "other" and provide details in the text area below. The more details you provide, the faster we will be able to help you.

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  • If you require information in an alternate format or wish to make alternate arrangements to access our services, please include your request in the box below.


  • *NEW: We are no longer booking appointments for GRAD CHECKS. If you would like one done, please e-mail a completed QUICK DEGREE COMPLETION CHECKLIST to
  • Grad checks for a straight HSP, Specialization or Single Major, please contact your department counsellor
  • *ATTENTION:Please provide specific reasons for your appointment. Questions about a specific course/module? Please tell us which ones. Failure to do so may result in an unanswered e-mail and unscheduled appointment.

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