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Progression Requirements/Waiver

Two levels are used to assess a student's Academic Standing Status.

Level 1 Progression

  • Minimum cumulative average 55% upon completion of a minimum of 3.0 course attempts (In good standing)
  • Minimum cumulative average 50-54% may continue On Probation
  • Cumulative average less than 50% will be Required to Withdraw

Level 2 Progression

  • Minimum cumulative average of 60% when a minimum of 8.0 full or equivalent course attempts completed (In Good Standing)
  • Cumulative average from 55-59% will continue On Probation
  • Cumulative average less than 55% will be Required to Withdraw

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  • Adjudication process
  • Average calculations
  • Course attempts
  • Course repeats
  • On probation
  • Required to withdraw

Petition for Waiver of Progression Requirements (pdf)

Graduation Requirements

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  • 3 Year B.Sc. or B.A. degree
  • 4 Year General B.Sc or B.A. degree
  • Honors Degree Programs
  • New Academic Choices (NAC)

Course Overload

The usual full-time course load in any year of a 3-year or 4-year BA and BSc degree is 5.0 courses. In any one term, the usual full-time load is five 0.5-courses or their equivalent.

Permission of a Dean's Office Academic Counsellor is required to take an increased or irregular course load. Permission will be considered on the basis of your past academic performance.

Course Overlap

A student taking multiple modules, may replace a maximum of 1.0 common course(s) with any senior level course(s) in Science/Basic Medical Sciences. Common courses beyond 1.0 will continue to be divided between departments and specified substitutions will be given by the departments involved in the modules.

Courses at Affiliates

Main campus students may normally take a maximum of 1.0 courses at an Affiliated University College each year.

If a section of the course is also offered on main campus, you must consult an Academic Counsellor in the Dean's Office to see if permission might be granted.

Permission will normally be considered only if the main campus section is full or creates a conflict with your schedule.

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Scholar's Electives Program

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