Counselling Resources

Academic Counselling Team
Science/Basic Medical Sciences

Associate Deans
Dr. Keith Griffiths, Associate Dean, Academic, Science - Exchange and Scholar's Electives Students
Dr. Doug Jones, Associate Dean, Basic Medical Sciences Undergraduate Education

Academic Counsellors
John De Heus
D. Gregus
J. Perry
J. Sexsmith

Counselling Assistants
Andrea Hufford
Kate Baker

Academic Manager
Penny Westmacott

NOTE: Student Identification is required when requesting a drop-in or booked counselling appointment. Please bring your student card with you when you visit our office.

Counselling Office
Academic Counselling Hours of Operation
August - Drop-In Daily - 1:00pm - 3:30pm

Appointment Requests

Note: Hours will occasionally be altered due to meetings or vacation schedules. Please check this page prior to your visit. Hours are also posted outside our door and in the phone message heard at 519-661-3040.