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Academic Counselling

Welcome.  You are here because you want information or have questions regarding Academic Counselling within the Faculty of Science. Check your Faculty of Registration

The Academic Calendar is your primary resource for academic information at Western.  Please read the appropriate section before contacting an Academic Counsellor.


Courses will begin using the new 4 digit numbering system for Summer 2008. Click here to learn more about Course Renumbering!

Academic Counsellors and Department Counsellors have different responsibilities. Please review the following for information on who you should see.

What's the Difference?

Dean's Office Counselling

  • Advice about the impact of course selection and academic performance on eligibility for various modules and degrees
  • Interpretation of academic policies and procedures
  • Confidential discussion of personal, medical or religious issues that affect performance and what accommodation is available
  • Request permission for increased or irregular course load
  • Processing of recommendations from departments such as a special permission
  • Advising transfer students including possible evaluation and approval of advanced standing credits
  • Letter of Permission requests(taking courses at another university)
  • Advising students on Probation or Grade Point Waiver
  • Exchange and Scholarship inquiries
  • Change of status including withdrawal from the University, transfer from another Faculty

Department Counselling

  • Course selection and graduation requirements
  • Course prerequisite permission (may I take a course without a prerequisite?)
  • Course substitutions (what permissions are needed to take a different course?)
  • Course overlap in modules
  • Course equivalency (can a course taken at another university be used in place of a UWO course?
  • Information regarding problems with course registration (example: a course is full, wait lists)