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Intent to Register FAQs and General Information

What is Intent to Register (ITR)?

Intent to Register is the process of specifying the MODULE(S) IN A SPECIFIC DEGREE in which you wish to register for fall/winter term 2011-2012.


Why do I need to do ITR?

Submitting an ITR will allow a student access to web registration during the summer months to register for Fall/Winter courses.


How do I submit an ITR?

The online form becomes available in eary February through the Student Services website

The following students will need to complete their Intent to Register using a paper form:

  • New concurrent degree students (continuing can do it online)
  • Re-registrants (students not registered this year - i.e. in 2010-2011)
  • Post degree modules
  • Second degree students

Scholar's Electives students will receive information about Intent to Register from their Academic Advisor.


What if I don’t meet the entry requirements for the module/degree I requested?

You will be registered in an alternative program in May (often BA Undeclared for students registering for second year). You will need to include/repeat courses in your 2010-2011 selection that will make you eligible for the module/degree you wish. You may need to contact a departmental counsellor to discuss your course selection after adjudication in May and before web registration.


What happens if I’m taking a course in the summer that is a prerequisite for my W’11 module?

Your academic record will be reviewed (adjudicated) in May. Your eligibility for the requested module/degree will be based on courses completed in 2010-2011. and on the assumption that you’ll successfully complete the courses you are taking during the summer. You will be adjudicated again, after completion of the summer courses, to determine if you are eligible for your requested module/degree.


How do I know what module to choose or courses to take for my module?

The official version of the 2011 Academic Calendar is found on the web at Science and Basic Medical Sciences module choices are found by choosing "Faculties" on the navigation bar and clicking on "Science including BMSc". Courses are found by choosing "Undergraduate Course Information" on the navigation bar.   Watch the Academic Counselling web site for other ways to get the information you need.


When can I register for summer courses?

Registration occurs online in March (see details in the summer calendar). You will have to do summer activation and change your user preferences at least 3 days prior to online registration.


Can I take a course at another university during the summer?

You may request a Letter of Permission through the Academic Counselling Office. Bring the course information (title, course number and description) to an Academic Counsellor in Rm. 191 WSC. Find out the other University’s deadline and application procedure. Do this as early as possible, as the process can take up to 2 weeks.


What marks do I need to be eligible to return to Western in 2011-2012?

Progression requirements are found in the Academic Calendar. If you meet your progression requirements, you must achieve the minimum mark(s) in prerequisite courses to enter the module/degree requested on your Intent to Register. You will find out if you are accepted into your module/degree when you access your grade report online in May.


How do I access my grade report in May?

Your grade report which includes final marks and report comments, will be accessible on the web through the Student Services website, after you have been adjudicated. Pay close attention to your grade report comments and follow the instructions, if any are given.


What does it mean if I am Required to Withdraw from Western?

See the Academic Calendar. You may appeal this decision by submitting a written request (form is available on the Academic Counselling website)for a Waiver of Progression Requirements to the Dean of Science.


How do I appeal a final grade after accessing my grade report?

See the Academic Calendar. There is a deadline (noted in the calendar) for appealing marks and/or requesting academic relief.


Can I repeat a course?

A Course Repeat is any course previously attempted and recorded at UWO. A course attempt having a passing grade may be repeated only once. A course attempt having a failing grade may be repeated only twice. Further course repeats may be authorized only by the Dean of the Faculty in which the student is registered. Grades (including failures) for all course attempts will appear on the transcript and will be included in the accumulation of course attempts and maximum failures allowed. All but the most recent course attempt will appear on the transcript as Repeated, No credit and will be excluded from cumulative average calculations used for progression requirements.


What do I do if I want to change my module after I complete my Intent to Register?

During the ITR period (February 1 to March 31, 2011), a student may go online and make changes to his/her original selection(s) at any time. Once the ITR period is over, you will need to contact the Academic Counselling Office to see if the changes can be made.


What if I wish to cancel my registration for Sept. 2011?

You must provide written authorization (fax, letter, in person) that you wish to cancel your proposed registration. This needs to be done by the middle of August. The form can be found on the Academic Counselling website.


Is academic counselling readily available during the summer months?

The summer months are extremely busy months for the Academic Counsellors in the Dean’s Office. You should be in touch with your Departmental Counsellors before you leave at the end of term if you have any other questions about your modules/degrees.  See the Office Hours page for current information about hours and booking appointments. We receive a few thousand email messages each month!


Academic Counselling for Science and the Basic Medical Sciences

Phone: 519 661-3040
Fax: 519 661-3703

Departmental Counselling is available year round. Please contact the Department counsellor(s) for the program you are registered in if you have questions.


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