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"Science is not just about laboratories and test tubes, it is very often your ability to communicate your ideas effectively to others that will make you successful."

Redekopp, (1998).

What can I do with a Science Degree?

Ever wondered what you could do with a degree in Science? Do you sometimes feel that your options are limited to working in a lab or going to medical school? While these are all excellent choices that some students who have graduated from Science have made their degrees open many doors, not only to what is obviously scientific work. These degrees can provide you with many exciting career opportunities since many Science students have the requisite skills that employers in countless sectors are seeking such as: critical thinking, technical, and numerate skills.

A background in Science provides a solid foundation for a variety of careers. While the medical field and laboratory research might be a very rewarding career path for some, many of Western's graduates from the Faculty of Science have successfully made the transition into industries, businesses, information technology, investment banking, management consulting and marketing.

The Career Centre @ Western provides an excellent resource page on what students can do with degrees in particular areas. These examples are merely suggestions and do not fully represent the enormous scope of what's available for Science students.

Professional Schools

The Faculty of Science offers over 100 modules at the undergraduate level which provide students with extraordinary flexibility and choice. For a list of all the modules currently offered by the Faculty of Science, click here.

In addition to the broad range of modules that are offered by the various Science departments, Western also offers a number of specialized programs that can lead toward a variety of academic and career options. These include degrees in areas such as: Business, Dentistry, Education, Law and Medicine.

The Western's Professional Programs section provides information on the variety of professional programs Western offers.

Each professional program at Western has a website that provides relevant information about the requirements and processes necessary for admission.

For more information, or to discuss your career plans, please visit Science Career Services.

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