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Mock Interview Day for Biology & BMSc students

Thursday Nov 10, 10:00am-2:30pm
Dean's Office, WSC 191

Practice your Interview skills! Get feedback from recruiters! Find out what it takes to "get that job"! Recruiters will be interviewing 4th year Bio/BMSc students, then offer feedback and suggestions. Participating organizations include Agriculture Canada, GlobalTox, Kellogg Canada, PharmaConnect, Trojan Technologies and Trudell Medical International.

Biology/BMSC Speaker Series: 2005 - 2006

What are you doing with the rest of your life??
All Science students are welcome to attend. Presented by the Department of Biology and Science Career Services

Tuesday Jan 17, 5:30-6:30pm, B&G 52
Invited Guest: SzeJack Tan, Performer Media

Thursday Jan 26, 5:30-6:30pm, B&G 52
Invited Guest: Michael Shortt, Trojan Technologies Inc.

Thursday Feb 9, 5:30-6:30pm, B&G 52
Invited Guest: Melody Cairns, Ministry of Natural Resources

Tuesday March 21, 5:30-6:30pm, B&G 52
Invited Guest: Justin Leushner, Manager, Islet Transplant Program

SzeJack Tan

Partner, Performer Media
SzeJack is a Partner at Performer Media, one of Canada’s few performance based online advertising networks.  His duties include new business development and account management.  Prior to joining Performer Media, SzeJack was an Associate at Axon Communications, one of Canada's largest integrated medical communications and clinical research agencies. Axon provides a broad range of consulting services for companies in both the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Services range from designing and implementing medical/healthcare marketing and communications programs to clinical trial study development and implementation.  While at Axon, SzeJack was responsible for day to day project/budget management, consulting and account coordination.  Prior to joining Axon, SzeJack co-founded an online market research agency along with two other Western alumni. SzeJack received his honors biology degree in 1999. His extracurricular involvement while at Western included positions on Senate, Residents' Council, Orientation staff and a term as the University Students' Council President.

Melody Cairns

Natural Heritage Education Leader, Pinery Provincial Park

Melody graduated from Trent University (Peterborough, ON) in 2000 with an Honours BSc joint major in Biology and in Environmental Sciences.  Since then, she have been working for Ontario Parks (one division of the Ministry of Natural Resources) as a park naturalist.  Most of her time has been spent in southwestern Ontario at Pinery Provincial Park, however she did spend one summer at White Lake Provincial Park, which is located about four hours west of Sault Ste Marie on Lake Superior.  Currently, her time at Pinery is divided between education (in the form of talking to groups about the natural history of Pinery), publication (she writes and designs trail guides, interpretive signs and information booklets for several parks), and resource management (at Pinery this mainly takes the form of White-tailed Deer herd management, prescribed fire implementation and species at risk monitoring).


Mike Shortt
Research Scientist, Trojan Technologies

Mike Shortt completed a diploma in Environmental Technology at Fanshawe College and a BSc in Environmental Science at the University of Western Ontario.  He works as a research scientist at Trojan Technologies, a manufacturer of ultraviolet disinfection equipment, based in London, Ontario.  Mike has been at Trojan for 12 years, working as part of various research and development design teams where he specializes in field testing and validation of newly developed products.


Justin Leushner
Manager, Islet Transplant Program,
Multi-Organ Transplant Program, London Health Sciences Centre

Justin Leushner has had a varied career primarily in the Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industry.   However throughout his time he has been involved in many entrepreneurial start-ups spanning consumer goods, high-tech, and biotechnology.   He was operationally responsible for developing a national Molecular Diagnostics program for Canada's largest life science's company MDS Inc. Justin has also been involved with Life Sciences Venture Capital working with MDS Capital and Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund as a business analyst and liquid portfolio advisor.  In 2004 Justin co-founded a biotechnology company that over the year has been funded and acquired by a Canadian Publicly traded company.  In addition Justin is employed by the London Health Sciences Centre as manager of the Islet Transplant Program in the world renowned Multi-Organ Transplant Program.

Along with an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, Justin also holds a B.Sc. in Cell Physiology/Genetics from the University of British Columbia and many technical designations in Forensic Science and Molecular Biology.

Backpack 2 Briefcase:
Choice Careers for Computer Science

Decide what you will do with your degree in Computer Science long before you graduate. Begin to develop your plan and seek advice from successful alumni over breakfast, followed by a panel discussion. This event is limited to 27 students. No ticket cost.

Thursday, February 16, 2006, 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
Michael's Garden, Somerville House, Room 3320


Alumni Panelists

Claudette Critchley, B.Sc.'94 (Honors Comp. Sc.)
Studio Manager, Big Blue Bubble Inc.

After completing her Computer Science degree, Claudette went on to obtain her degree in Education.  She then taught Computer Science at a private college and quickly advanced to the position of Regional Education Manager.  Although she loved teaching, she found that she was missing the challenges that actual programming development gave her.  She left her teaching career to pursue a career in video game development, and is now the Studio Manager of Big Blue Bubble, one of Canada 's leading handheld gaming companies.

Zahir Jaffer, B.Sc.'02 (Honors Comp. Sc.)
Project Analyst, ExxonMobil IT

Zahir, originally from Toronto , came to Western in 1998 to begin his studies in Computer Science. In August of 2000 Zahir did a four month work term with Nortel Networks in Ottawa in the Advanced IP Network Design group. Instead of extending the work term into an internship he decided to come back to Western to complete his degree. During his last year at Western he was recruited by Imperial Oil and immediately following graduation began working with Imperial Oil in the Network Operations area of Global Information Services. Zahir now works in the Projects area of ExxonMobil. His current role involves designing and implementing call-flows as well as introducing new technology into existing ExxonMobil call centers. Being actively involved in community service work as well as mentoring for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards program are just a few of the activities he is involved with outside of the work place. Zahir still maintains his connection with Western by representing ExxonMobil at various career fairs and events.

Mark Millar, Hon. B.Sc.'04 (Honors Comp. Sc.), CISSP
TD Bank Financial Group - Security Consulting

Mark was raised in the London region and started attending the University of Western Ontario in 1999. After completing his first three years of the Honours Computer Science program he put his studies on hold for one year to participate in the highly regarded Industry Internship Program. He was fortunate to land a job at one of the top financial institutions in Canada, TD Bank Financial Group, within their IT division. Mark worked within the Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning group for the 16 month position fine tuning both personal and professional skills. Upon returning to Western for his final year, TD developed a work schedule around Mark's studies to retain him for the eight month school term. Mark was then hired on full time once he had completed his degree in April. In August of 2005 Mark successfully completed his CISSP (Certified Information Security Systems Professional) certification and transitioned to a new and current role as a IT Security Consultant. Mark still maintains his connection with Western by representing TD at various career fairs and events.

Louis Magguilli, M.Sc.'89 (Comp. Sc.)
Part Owner & Chief Architect, Working Bytes Inc.

After receiving his first degree in Psychology Louie started working in Youth Outreach and then in a Juvenile Detention facility. The next four years were spent at the St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital working in the Crisis Intervention and long-term Care units. Louie then took advantage of the advanced 'Year H' program offered at Western to obtain a Masters in Computer Science degree. After completion of his Masters, he then taught Computer Science at Western as a Lecturer. From there Louie was recruited by IBM and accepted a position at the IBM Laboratories in Toronto. While at IBM, he first worked in the Telecommunications division and then moved to the Imaging Technologies department. In 1995 Louie started Working Bytes Inc. in London, Ontario. Working Bytes released their first product for main distribution in 1996. Louie remains the majority owner of Working Bytes and is the Chief Architect for all new technologies. He also continues to be active in all aspects of the operation of the company.

Chemistry Careers Evening 
Thursday October 6th,  2005

-find out about career opportunities in Chemistry
-learn about Chemistry Internships
-meet Chemistry alumni & industry members
-speak with guests in an informal setting

      -Ms. Christy Bacher, BASF
      -Mr. George Lyttle, CIBC
      -Dr. Rui Resendes, Lanxess Inc.
      -Dr. Peter Van Belois, Apotex Pharmachem
      -Dr. Markus Wicki, 3M

Dr. Peter Van Belois
Group Leader - R+D Analytical Support Laboratory
Apotex Pharmachem Inc.

Peter is the Group Leader in the R&D Analytical Support Lab. In this role, he coordinates the analytical activities for each pharmaceutical active that is being worked on within R+D. He acts as the point person to set all relevant tests required to ensure that the company’s products meet the customer’s specifications. He is also responsible for setting specifications and tests on all raw materials that are being used in the process. The work requires that Peter be fluent in all manners of analytical instrumentation. His lab is also responsible for developing all methodology required to properly analyze all compounds they work with.

Dr. Rui Resendes

Associate Research Chemist, LANXESS

Rui is an Associate Research Chemist in the Butyl Research Group of LANXESS Inc. LANXESS is a newly formed materials and chemicals company, which spun off from Bayer AG in July of last year. In his current position, he is responsible for the operation of two laboratories ,which are charged with application and product development. The research is polymer based with a focus on modification to our current commercial products and the search for new products and applications. He currently leads several projects which are targetting new commercial materials primarily for the auto / tire industry and also some new ventures into more high-tech applications

Dr. Markus A. Wicki

Research Specialist, IB & ECB Development Lab, 3M Canada Company

Markus is a Research Specialist at 3M. He has been project leader of a plastics additives program. He has also been project leader for the supply of insect pheromones. Along with these programs Markus has acted as coordinator of the internship program at 3M. Presently Markus’ time is split between technical/lab projects where he supports projects in the Oil & Gas Markets and Intellectual Property Liaison where he is responsible for managing internal filing of new inventions and supporting the preparation and filing of new patents in collaboration with 3M patent attorneys in the US.

George Lyttle

Vice President, Investment Advisor CIBC Wood Gundy

George is Vice President, Investment Advisor at CIBC Wood Gundy. He is responsible for wealth management. In that role he manages investment accounts, RRSPs, RESPs, tax shelters, and estate plans. George views himself as a franchisee under the CIBC Wood Gundy name. His business is the welfare of the people who put their trust in him and who expect him to look after their financial needs in order to increase their wealth, their income, or to help them meet whatever their goals may be.

Kristy Bacher, BSc

Polyurethane Chemist, BASF

Kristy is a Polyurethane Chemist at BASF. A majority of her job is split between product research development and technical service. In the lab, she develops products that meet the customer’s demands and expectations. She is responsible for the chemical formulation as well as ensuring that the product can be practically manufactured. After the product is developed, it is sent to the customer where then goes for confirmation and trials. Continuing technical support is provided for the customer as well as continuous development (in some cases) to ensure that the customer remains competitive in the market.


Biology/BMSC Speaker Series: 2004 - 2005

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Jane Gloor

Emergency Medicine Physician

Dr. Jane Gloor attended Western for both her undergraduate and medical education. While in medical school Jane was involved in the Hippocratic Council, the medical school yearbook and intramural athletics. After graduating, she split her Pediatric residency between Winnipeg Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital of Western Ontario. She then completed her fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Jane has been practicing Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Children's Hospital of Western Ontario since 1991. Current interests include learning about and sharing her knowledge in Pediatric Palliative Care, playing the violin, and spending time with her four young boys.

Ms. Kelly Bowie

Forensic Biologist

Ms. Kelly Bowie received an Hons. B.Sc. degree from Western (concentrating in 4th year on Genetics coursework) in 1992. Following which, she worked for a private medical clinic as a technologist for two years. Kelly pursued graduate studies at McMaster University, receiving a M.Sc. degree in 1997.  After obtaining her graduate degree, Kelly worked as a research technologist at a private biotechnology company whose aim was to develop a tool for genetic diagnosis, before joining the Centre of Forensic Sciences in 1999 as a technologist. For the last four years, she has worked in the capacity of a forensic scientist in the Biology Section at the Centre and has gained expertise in the areas of forensic DNA analysis and body fluid identification.

SzeJack Tan

Partner, Performer Media

SzeJack is a Partner at Performer Media, one of Canada's few performance-based online advertising networks. His duties include new business development and account management. Prior to joining Performer Media, SzeJack was an Associate at Axon Communications, one of Canada's largest integrated medical communications and clinical research agencies. Axon provides a broad range of consulting services for companies in both the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Services range from designing and implementing medical/healthcare marketing and communications programs to clinical trial study development and implementation. While at Axon, SzeJack was responsible for day to day project/budget management, consulting and account coordination. Prior to joining Axon, SzeJack co-founded an online market research agency along with two other Western alumni. SzeJack received his honors biology degree in 1999. His extracurricular involvement while at Western included positions on Senate, Residents' Council, Orientation staff and a term as the University Students' Council President.

Tara Crewe

Marsh Monitoring Program Biologist

Tara's love and appreciation for the outdoors developed through years of exploring forests surrounding her home in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. This, among other things, led Tara to the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, where she studied Biology and received a B.Sc. in 2000. During that time, Tara spent two summers working on the mudflats of the Bay of Fundy, counting shorebirds (and their droppings!) every day during low tide. When the last tide came in, Tara moved on to fish and for eight months worked as a technician in a winter flounder/sturgeon wetlab at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John. After that experience, Tara fledged and landed in Ear Falls, Ontario, where she spent two summers studying the response of amphibian body condition and abundance to forest management in Ontario's stunning boreal forests. For this work, she received an M.Sc. in Zoology at the University of Guelph in May, 2004. Luckily, this amphibian experience metamorphosed into a job at Bird Studies Canada, where Tara is now researching amphibians and marsh birds for the Marsh Monitoring Program in Port Rowan, Ontario.

Dawn Laing

Bald Eagle Project Coordinator

The summer before Dawn's last year of university, she worked as a field biologist with the Department of National Defence. The position required that she study and mitigate the environmental toll and effects of Low Level Jet Fighter activity within the delineated military training area of central Labrador. It was then, that the vegetarian [Dawn] was introduced to a new and exciting life of mammal and raptor research, waterfowl biology, caribou burgers, seal meat and true winter camping in JUNE. Within the first three weeks of work, Dawn had been sent to the Ungava Bay to study migrating Woodland Caribou, to Harp Lake following pairs of Harlequin Ducks and to numerous cliff and nest sites to survey raptor nesting activity and productivity. Needless to say, Dawn was hooked on a life of research.

In 2002, Dawn completed a BA in Geography and BSc. with honours in Environmental Studies at Saint Mary's University. She then migrated to McGill University to study Bald Eagles and Osprey as part of her MSc. in Wildlife Biology. The hands-on experience led her to further experiences across Canada with various avian species such as: Northern Saw-whet Owls, Red-tailed Hawks, American Kestrels, Merlins, Sharp-shinned Hawks, Herring Gulls and, more recently, songbirds. Dawn is currently working at Bird Studies Canada, where she continues to study her favourite raptor, the Bald Eagle.

Dr. Hugh Henry

Assistant Professor, Western

Dr. Hugh Henry received his MSc from the Department of Biology at Queen's University, where he studied tree physiology and branch architecture. Dr. Henry continued his academic studies, receiving a PhD from the Department of Botany at the University of Toronto, where he studied nitrogen acquisition by Arctic plants.

Following graduation, Dr. Henry completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, where he worked on global change ecology in a California grassland. Currently, Dr. Henry has joined the Biology Department at The University of Western Ontario.

Ms. Colleen Arbus

PharmaConnect, Owner

In 2004, Ms. Arbus created PharmaConnect, a consulting company which assists candidates with finding and securing employment with brand name pharmaceutical companies. Following graduation from Queen's with a Nursing Degree, Colleen entered the workforce with enthusiasm for her chosen career. During her first job, she quickly realized that there were other options, which allowed a more flexible work schedule, increase in pay and benefits, and the opportunity to work for herself.

In 1997, Colleen joined Merck Frosst Canada as a Professional Sales Rep, and later a Hospital Sales Rep, representing a variety of products and services. In 2001, Colleen, along with two other partners, created Vital Link Health Care Group, a new pharmaceutical sales organization, which provided a care gap program to brand name pharmaceuticals. The success of this venture prompted Colleen to branch out on her own with the creation of PharmaConnect.

Ewan Downie

President and Chief Executive Officer of Wolfden Resources Inc.

Co-founder of Wolfden in 1995, Wolfden was taken Public on the Over-the-Counter (CDNX) Exchange in 1999 as an IPO. In 2004, Wolfden graduated to the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

Wolfden is a successful Mining Exploration firm, that explores primarily forgold and copper. Several discoveries have been made by the Wolfden team over the past several years, one of which earned the company the "Bill Dennis Prospector of the Year Award", an honour presented to the discovery of the year by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada.

Elizabeth Dipchand


Elizabeth S. Dipchand is an associate in McCarthy Tétrault’s Intellectual Property Litigation group in Toronto. She practises exclusively in the area of intellectual property law and litigation, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical patent litigation, drug regulatory, and patent and trade-mark law.

Ms. Dipchand advises clients on the clearance, protection and enforcement of all forms of technology and intellectual property rights. She has been involved in intellectual property litigation before the Federal Court of Canada, including patent and trade-mark infringement actions, and proceedings commenced pursuant to the Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations.

She has written on a number of topics related to intellectual property and is an active member of several professional associations including the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada, the American Intellectual Property Law Association, International Federation of Intellectual Property Lawyers (FICPI), the Toronto Intellectual Property Group, the Toronto Biotechnology Initiative, the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association, the American Bar Association, Licensing Executive Society, and the Advocates’ Society.

Ms. Dipchand received her B.Sc. (Hons.) in Biochemistry and Genetics in 2000 and her LLB in 2003, both from The University of Western Ontario.  She successfully sat for the New York State Bar Examination in 2003 and was called to the Ontario bar in 2004.

SPEED JOBS for Biology & BMSc Students

Wednesday November 30th, 6:00-7:30pm
Michael's Garden, Somerville House

  • talk to Western Science alumni
  • you will remain at the same table, while alumni will rotate every 15 minutes
  • find out how a Science degree helped with their career choices
  • find out about different career options
  • snacks will be provided

Alumni Hosts will include [please scroll below for bios]:

Assaad Eldik, BSc

Director, Ontech Development, London, Ontario

Assaad Eldik graduated from Western in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. His career path has generally been entrepreneurial with the focus primarily being on starting and growing his own businesses.

From 1988-1994 Assaad was the Owner and General Manager for Middlesex Painters. During that time he managed 3-8 crews of painters. From 1990-1994 he was a Partner and Manager for Pyramid Homes. His main responsibility was managing the operations of custom built homes. From 1994-1998 Assaad was Partner and Vice President of international sales and market development for Lebcan Products International. From 1998-2002 he became General Manager of the Giant Carpet business in London.

Currently Assaad is involved in three business ventures. He is Partner and Director for Ontech Development which focuses on business to business web based marketing solutions. He is also Owner and General Manager for Armour Shield Roofing, a residential roofing company. To add to this varied career path, Assaad is now a real estate investor as well. He purchases properties and retains them for rental purposes.

Linda M. Gowman, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Vice-President, Research
Trojan Technologies Inc., London, Ontario

Linda Gowman is the Vice-President of Research at Trojan Technologies Inc., a world-leader in the development and application of ultraviolet (UV) light technology for the disinfection and treatment of water and wastewater from individual households to large municipal and industrial systems. She is responsible for Trojan's leading edge and innovative scientific and research activities. Dr. Gowman leads a team of scientists and researchers focused in areas of microbiology, environmental chemistry, fluid dynamics, photonics, photochemistry and disinfection modeling. Since joining Trojan, Dr. Gowman has lead successful development and international validation work for Trojan's municipal drinking water disinfection, wastewater and reuse systems as well as state-of-the-art systems used to destroy certain chemicals found in contaminated water.

Dr. Gowman's education, training and work experience reflect a strong interest in interdisciplinary endeavours and the application of science to solving real-world needs. Before joining Trojan in 1999 and applying her talents to the water-treatment sector, Dr. Gowman was involved in the design and development of medical imaging technologies. Work at the Robarts Research Institute, Imaging Laboratories, London, Ontario and Life Imaging Systems, lead to a design nomination for a medical device used in 3D ultrasound imaging. Prior to joining the Robarts Research Institute, Linda worked as a production engineer in the automotive industry.

Linda is a Professional Engineer (Ontario) and holds a B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, a M.Sc. in Biophysics from the University of Western Ontario and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. She is author or co-author on several scientific publications. Linda is a board member on the Canadian Water Network/Réseau canadien de l'eau (National Centre of Excellence, headquartered at the University of Waterloo). Linda currently resides near London, Ontario with her husband and two children.

Jeffrey Skinner, BSc, MBA

Business Operations Specialist, Clinical Logistics, Clinical Development
GlaxoSmithKline Inc., Oakville, Ontario

Jeff Skinner graduated from the Honours Genetics program offered at Western and entered the Honours Business Administration program at the Richard Ivey School of Business. As a summer intern, he was exposed to the biotech industry working at the Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund, a London Ontario based Biotech Venture Capital Firm. Graduating from Ivey, Jeff spent a brief time at an investment bank before join IMI International Medical Innovations (now PreMD) as an Associate, Business Development. His responsibilities included New Product/Investment opportunity analysis and Outlicensing activities, mainly in Japan, where he spent several months developing relationships with Japanese Pharmaceutical/Medical Device companies in the hopes of securing a partnership.

Returning to Western for the Masters of Business Administration program, Jeff enrolled in the Management of Biotechnology stream offered at Ivey. Upon graduation Jeff worked for GlaxoSmithKline as a Business Operations Specialist in Clinical Development, responsible for the implementation, in Canada, of two global computer systems.

Jeff will be starting his new role as Associate Director of Business Development and Licensing for Debiovision, a sister company in the Swiss owned Debiopharm group. His responsibilities will be to partner Debiovision's main product and to spin off its antibody portfolio. Jeff will be moving to Montreal for this in January.

Wendy Toth, BSc

Director, Clinical Research, PharmaNet
London, Ontario

Wendy Toth is the Director, Clinical Research in the London, Ontario office of PharmaNet, an international contract research organization. She currently oversees the study teams handling the project management of contracted phase II-IV clinical trials for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients.

Wendy has extensive experience in the field of regulatory affairs, quality assurance and project management in government, hospital and industry environments. As a graduate of the University of Western Ontario in honours Physiology and Pharmacology, she joined the Health Protection Branch in Ottawa and was involved in the review of over the counter drugs. Following several years working as a regulatory consultant in Toronto, she returned to London where she managed the activities of a phase I-III clinical trial research unit at the London Health Sciences Centre. Subsequently she worked in the biotech industry in the management of regulatory affairs and quality assurance, while initiating a system to manage R&D activities in a project management environment. Prior to joining PharmaNet she was project manager for Procyon Biopharma Inc managing activities ranging from new drug substance production to the initiation of a phase II GCP clinical trial. Currently her office manages a wide range of services for clinical trials.

Mitchell Zimmer, MSc

Writer and Publications Officer, Faculty of Science, Western
London, Ontario

Mitchell Zimmer is the Writer and Publications Officer for Western's Faculty of Science. He is essentially responsible for raising the profile of the Faculty of Science in a variety of media. He writes stories for the Western News and produces brochures, pamphlets, posters and Powerpoint presentations for internal and external purposes. He is also one of the web editors for the Science Flashpoint e-newsletter and the Faculty of Science Website.

Zimmer holds a M.Sc. degree in Microbiology and Immunology from Western and has worked as a laboratory technician in the Cancer Research Laboratory and at the London Regional Cancer Centre. His varied career includes serving a stint as a freelance reporter for The St. Thomas Times- Journal covering events in the Aylmer, Port Burwell, Vienna and Straffordville areas. He is also a harmonica player (he was a member of the folk-rock band Julia Propeller) where he developed his promotional skills by developing one of the first web sites dedicated to local musicians.

Backpack 2 Briefcase Careers in Physics Breakfast

Thursday, March 3, 2005, at 8:30 - 10:30 am,
Michael's Garden, Somerville House Room 3320.

Alumni & Industry Leader Panelists:

Dan McConnell, BSc.'95 (Physics), BESc.'99 (Electrical Engineering)
Dan began his days at Western in 1991 in the Faculty of Science pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Physics. After a rough first year, he enrolled part-time the next year to “learn how to learn” properly. After a successful part-time year Dan entered into the second year of his Physics degree and never looked back. Dan completed my Bachelor’s degree in Physics in 1995 and decided to further his knowledge of Electronics. Initially he applied to the Electronics Technology program offered at a few colleges, but was convinced to return to Western to do Electrical Engineering. Dan was admitted to Electrical Engineering in the fall of 1995 and received his Bachelor of Engineering Science in Electrical Engineering in 1999. Immediately after graduation, Dan started working at ATI Technologies, Inc in Markham, Ontario. Dan started as an engineering associate at ATI working on the latest ASIC chips used in their graphics cards. Today Dan is managing a team of 17 engineers who are working on graphics chips that are used in desktop and laptop PC’s as well as Cell Phones and Digital Televisions.

Dr. Deidre Batchelar, BSc.'93 (Physics), PhD.'02 (Med Biophysics)
Deidre Batchelar, PhD is a clinical physicist with the London Regional Cancer Centre's Radiotherapy Physics Department. Deidre completed her BSc in Physics at the University of Western Ontario in Physics in 1993. After an interim year in which she worked in the Zinke-Allmang lab at Surface Science Western, she completed a master's degree in Medical Physics at MacMaster University. Deidre joined the Imaging Research Lab at the Robarts Research Institute in 1996 to pursue her doctoral studies through Medical Biophysics at UWO. For her doctoral thesis, she studied coherent scatter imaging for applications to bone disease. There, she held an NSERC-PGS(B) scholarship, and went on to win first place in both the American Association of Physicists in Medicine and the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists Young Investigators Competitions. In 2002, following the successful completion of her PhD, Deidre began a clinical physics residency at the London Regional Cancer Centre. She was hired as a full Medical Physicist in 2003. Deidre is also an associate professor in the Department of Oncology at Western.

Bryan Finlay
Director, Flow Technologies Trudell Medical International
Brian’s path through education and experience is quite interesting, beginning with a 5-year industry-sponsored apprenticeship with Armstrong Siddeley (later merged with Rolls Royce), as part of a Mechanical Engineering degree from Lanchester Polytechnic. While completing his PhD, Bryan lectured in Bioengineering at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and worked at the local Plastic Surgery Hospital, specializing in research on soft and hard connective tissues. In 1982, he was promoted to Director of Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at UH, specializing in research on instrumentation and devices associated with joint implants, fracture-fixation systems, and sport medicine. In 1992, Brian earned an Engineering Medal for Research, from the Professional Engineers of Ontario for contributions to Biomedical Engineering. 1996 brought another career change for Bryan: he became the Manager of Biomedical Engineering at LifeTech Corporation, working on the design and manufacture of ozone generating and control systems for medical applications. In his most recent role, since 1998, Bryan works on the design and manufacture of respiratory devices and control systems, as Director of Flow Technologies at Trudell Medical International, in London.

Prof. Wayne Hocking
Department of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Western Ontario
Prof. Hocking was born in a small country town in Australia. He was the classic high-school geek, and earned the usual ridicule from his peers for this choice. Nevertheless he enjoyed his school years, and was deeply into Astronomy at the time. He attended the University of Adelaide, where he continued and developed his fascination with Science. He received the David Murray scholarship in Science as best student in the undergrad program. He then moved into a Ph.D. program in Atmospheric Physics, and finished that in 1981. From that point he took a CSIRO fellowship, got married, and then accepted an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for one year in Germany. He returned to Australia as a tutor in 1983, and then became a lecturer at the University of Adelaide. He won the Pawsey medal from the Australia Academy of Sciences in 1991. In 1992 he moved to UWO, and established an independent research program in atmospheric sciences. In between, he also worked at research institutions in Japan, USA, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand. More recently, in addition to his teaching and university research, he has worked on consultancy contracts with NASA, the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Germany, The Canadian Department of National Defence, and various other institutions. He was closely involved with NASA in studies of the reasons for the Space shuttle Columbia disaster, especially with regard to the effects of atmospheric turbulence. His primary tool for atmospheric studies is radar, and he has developed radars of various types for studying atmospheric wind motions, turbulence, wave propagation, as well as radars for studying meteors as they enter the atmosphere. Almost 30 radars have been installed worldwide using his meteor-radar design, and 10 of his atmospheric radars are currently being installed in Ontario and Quebec. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics, a past president of the Division of Atmospheric Physics of the Canadian Association of Physicists, and a member of the American Geophysical union, and the European Geophysical Union. He has won a "Distinguished Researcher" prize here at UWO, as well as the Bucke prize, and the Erskine Fellowship from the University of Canterbury. He has over 100 publications, 250 conference proceedings, chapters in several books, and is currently writing two books on radar and turbulence in the atmosphere. Asteroid 14203 (discovered Dec 25, 1998) has been named "Hocking" in his honour by the International Astronomical Union.

A Formula for Success: Science at Work

March 8, 2004

Keynote Speaker: Michael Frendo, Vice President, Cisco
Voice Systems Engineering, Voice Technology Group

Michael Frendo is Cisco’s Vice President responsible for the Voice Systems Engineering Division of the Voice Technology Group. His team is responsible for driving Cisco wide engineering initiatives through the architecture, standardization, implementation and customer deployment of end to end Internet Protocol Communications Systems. Previously, Michael was Cisco’s Vice President responsible for the Protocol and Sessions Applications Division of the Voice Technology Group. His team was responsible for the development and deployment of advanced Voice over IP protocols and application enabling technology for a broad range of Cisco products. Michael had been Cisco’s Vice President responsible for the Technology Center, and led both an advanced development team and a new markets and technologies team. These teams focused on expanding and extending the Cisco technology base and also investigated and encouraged development of new technologies that complement Cisco’s telecommunications products.

During his career at Cisco Michael has been a Senior Director of the Global Alliances Engineering team at Cisco, which defined and executed many joint engineering projects with strategic Cisco partners and initiated several new technology developments. He was appointed to this role in December 1996, which expanded upon his position as a Senior Manager within the Global Alliance Engineering team. His primary responsibilities were to investigate new technology partnerships, manage the Business Development process and to deliver new products or technologies into Cisco or into the strategic partner. In June 1995, Frendo joined Cisco’s Partner’s Engineering team which was responsible for worldwide partnering of Cisco’s routing technology. Early projects led to the development of Cisco’s first Voice Over IP and cable modem products. Leveraging these partnerships to investigate and develop new applications lead to the evolution of the team to become today’s Technology Center.

Before joining Cisco, Frendo spent seven years at Northern Telecom’s Bell Northern Research R&D facilities in Ottawa, Canada, serving as a Senior engineering development manager. His team was responsible for much of the core development and architecture of the Magellan Passport multi-service WAN switch. Frendo has a B. Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada and an M.Eng and PhD. in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.


Alumni Panelists
Melissa Cousineau
joined United Way of Greater Toronto in 1999. Since that time, she has worked for Canada’s largest annual fundraising campaign, which raised $83 million in 2003. Melissa received her Honours Biology degree from Western in 1998. She spent her final year at Western as Vice President, Student Affairs on the University Students’ Council. She was responsible for many aspects of student life outside the classroom including charitable campaigns, clubs and Orientation. Melissa lives in Toronto and is an active volunteer with Western’s Alumni Association.

Wayne Hufford graduated from Western with a B.Sc.'00 (Honors Applied Mathematics and Statistics). Before attending Western, Wayne received a golf scholarship to Francis Marion University in Florence, SC. Upon graduation from Western, he became involved in social services after completing a Career Directions program and now works for Springbank Employment & Learning Centre, an organization dedicated to helping people find employment. Wayne guides people in the use computers to create competitive resumes and cover letters, as well as use the internet to search for job postings and research prospective employers and career opportunities, all while helping individuals prepare for the General Education Diploma examination and tutoring privately.

SzeJack Tan, B.Sc.'99 (Biology), Associate, AXON Communications. SzeJack joined Axon Communications, one of Canada's largest integrated medical communications and clinical research agencies in 2002. Axon provides a broad range of consulting services for companies in both the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Services range from designing and implementing medical/healthcare marketing and communications programs to clinical trial study development and implementation. SzeJack is responsible for day to day project/budget management, consulting and account coordination. Prior to joining Axon, SzeJack co-founded an online market research agency along with two other UWO alumni. SzeJack received his honours biology degree in 1999. His extracurricular involvement while at UWO included positions on Senate, Residents' Council, Orientation staff and a term as University Students' Council President.

Ralph Coe graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an Honours B.Sc.'76 (Zoology). His post university career began at UWO as a teaching assistant, technician and department administration for the Zoology Department. His education and experience as an administrator took Ralph to his next position as Director of Operations at the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority in 1980. He became General Manager of the Conservation Authority in 1997 where he remains. He also serves as the Executive Director of the St. Clair Region Conservation Foundation which is the charitable wing of the Authority, raising funds to support a healthy environment. Ralph is very active in his community volunteering on a number of Boards and Committees holding positions of President of the Strathroy and District Chamber of Commerce, and Middlesex Community Living and advisory committees for Lambton College. The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority provides a wide range of conservation programs throughout its region which includes the Sydenham River watershed and several smaller watersheds draining into southern Lake Huron, the St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair. Conservation Authorities work to ensure our rivers, lakes and streams are properly safeguarded, managed and restored. They protect, manage and restore our wetlands, woodlots and natural habitat. They develop and maintain programs to protect life and property from natural hazards such as flooding and erosion and they provide opportunities for the public to enjoy, learn and respect our natural environment.

Maja Pental is a Business Information Advisor at the Small Business Centre in London. Maja’s responsibilities include advising and delivering training seminars to participants in self-employment programs, maintaining and developing the Centre’s extensive resource information collection, and providing business/market research assistance to clients. Maja holds a BSc. In Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Western Ontario. She also runs Credit Management business on a part-time basis. Maja’s breadth of expertise ranges from customer service, credit management to market research and strategic business planning. Since Maja’s graduation in 1996, she worked at the Future Shop as a customer service representative. In 1998, Maja decided to leave Future Shop and learn new skills as an Intern at the Small Business Centre. The one year internship proved to be a life changing experience. In 1999, Maja was hired by one of the largest agricultural companies, Cargill Limited. Skills she learned at the Future Shop and at the Small Business Centre proved to be a perfect match for the Assistant to the Credit Manager position at Cargill. Unfortunately, as the company downsized 3.5 years later, Maja and her coworkers from both credit and accounting departments, had to leave the company. In 2002 Maja returned to the Small Business Centre to follow her true passions: market research and business counselling. Maja is pleased to return to UWO to share with you the value of having business skills that can be transferred from one industry to another, or one job to another.

Gerry La Rocque graduated from Western with a B.Sc.'79 (Biology), and spent one year working as a pharmaceutical sales representative before returning to Althouse College. Gerry graduated in 1981 with a BEd., and played varsity waterpolo during his years at Western. Following graduation, Gerry worked as supply teacher for a year before landing a job at Mount St. Joseph Academy in London, where he taught for three years. Gerry has been teaching with the London District Catholic School Board for nineteen years: fourteen at Catholic Central High School and five years at his present school, St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Gerry has served as a department head, been active in the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association as the staff representative, and has been a member of both elementary and secondary School Councils within the school board. Gerry has been a volunteer in youth community soccer leagues for several years, is married to a Western grad (audiologist), and has two sons (one in grade 9, the other
in grade 12 with an application in for Western Engineering in the fall - a third generation Mustang, perhaps?).

Doug Fox, B.Sc.'68 (Astronomy), M.Sc.'69 (Astronomy), M.Ed.'82 (University of Windsor)
Superintendent of Education: School Operations, Greater Essex County District School Board. In addition to his degrees at Western and Windsor, Doug Waterloo, York, Toronto and Queen's twice. Doug has held many different careers, though sometimes brief, as soldier, scientist, accountant, teacher, labour negotiator, human resources manager and school superintendent. Currently Doug is responsible for Leadership Development and many other things.


Backpack 2 Briefcase: What to do with a degree in Science

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Have you considered a career path outside of industry? Unsure about plans after graduation? Find out about employment opportunities in fields related to Science and hear about successes of your Science alumni.

Speaker Biographies:
Kathleen Holland, a financial consultant, graduated from UWO with a BSc. in Biology in 1987. Previously, she worked as a tour guide at Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary in Kingsville and as a naturalist and park warden at Pinery Provincial Park in Grand Bend. She also taught as a field naturalist through the London Board of Education before becoming involved with financial planning, a long-standing interest.

Jeff Skinner graduated from the genetics program of the University of Western Ontario in the Spring of 1999. Upon completion, he entered the Honours Business Administration program offered at the Richard Ivey School of Business. Graduating in 2001, he spent a brief period in investment banking before signing on with IMI International Medical Innovations, a predictive medicine company in Toronto, as a Business Development Associate responsible for partnering activities in Europe and Asia, and new product development and acquisitions.

Emma Cass has been a Scientific Recruiter at Kelly Scientific Resources since November 2001. Emma recruits for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, chemical and clinical research industries. While at The University of Western Ontario working towards a degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry, Emma was employed as a Work Bursary Student in the Department of Chemistry completing various administrative tasks. In addition to her partial degree from Western, Emma successfully completed a diploma in Chemical
Engineering Technology in 1997, where she received an honour from the Canadian Institute of Chemistry, for highest academic achievement.

Rose Paemurd, a highschool Science and Math teacher, graduated from Western with a Bachelor of Science (Biology) in 1996. Rose spent four years exploring a career in the financial services industry with the Royal Bank Financial Group. During this time she completed the Canadian Securities Course and courses towards becoming a Professional Financial Planner. After deciding she was more interested in teaching, Rose returned to Western in 2000 to complete her Bachelor of Education in the Intermediate/Senior division.