Photo Gallery

Frozen Pucks and a Few Yuks

Assaad Eldik and Kathleen Holland

Assaad Eldik (left) and Kathleen Holland (right) of the Science External Advisory Council (SEAC) were on hand to join the festivities.


Dave Reed and Iwona Ciesielka

Dave Reed (left) and Iwona Cieseielka, Manager of Science Internship and Career Services (right) got into the pregame spirit.


Paula Luchak and Natalie Devereux

Paula Luchak, Alumni & Development Officer -Science (left) and Natalie Devereux , Alumni & Development Officer - Outreach Initiatives (right) show that they are purple indeed.


Now the party's rolling

Now the party's rolling!



The Zamboni is always a hit.


Ross Collishaw and Mike Cottam

Ross Collishaw , Alumni & Development Officer, Stewardship / Budget Officer (left) and Dr. Mike Cottam , Associate Dean Science [Research] (right) share a laugh during the pregame meal.


David Wardlaw and Duncan Hunter

Dr. David Wardlaw, Dean of Science (left) and Dr. Duncan Hunter of the Office of Institutional Planning and Budgeting (right) are all smiles after Kevin Richardson scores the first goal of the hockey game for Western.