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Pertinent Journal Articles

  • The attached document includes references to over 60 published peer-reviewed articles detailing recent research in distance learning, hybrid learning, blending learning, social media in education and technology-enhanced laboratories.  List of Articles 

Online Technology Tips

  • OWL (powered by SAKAI)
    • Sakai is a web-based system that facilitates online learning by creating private communities for the exchange of information. OWL, which stands for "Online Western Learning", is Western University's online learning environment, through which instructors are able to distribute course material, dialogue with students and conduct various methods of assessment.
    • For more information on how to get started consult: Instructional Technology Resource Centre (ITRC)
    • Laura Reid (Computer Science) currently uses OWL in CS 1033 A/B.
  • Clickers
    • Clickers are an interactive technology that enables instructors to ask structured questions in class and recieve immediate response from students who only have to register their answer by pressing the apporpriate button on the clicker. Clickers facilitate interaction between the instructor and the students regardless of classroom size and as a result are provide effective feedback and increased engagement for all classes.
    • For more information on how to get started consult: PRESS Western
    • Tom Haffie (Biology) has used clickers in Biology 1001A.
  • Blackboard Collaborate 
    • Blackboard Collaborate goes a step further than OWL and provides web conferencing, mobile collaboration, instant messaging and voice authoring for educational purposes. Through its real-time and archival capabilities, students are able to watch lectures at their own pace, thus providing flexiblity to accomodate various learning styles and modes. 
    • For more information on how to get started consult: Elluminate Live! portion of OWL
    • Martin Zinke-Allmang (Physics) uses Blackboard Collaborate in his first-year Physics courses (Physics 1028A, Physics 1029B and Physics 1021).