Dean's Message

A Message to Women in Western Science

The Faculty of Science recognizes and values the unique contributions of women to the scientific enterprise. Female scientists form a steadily increasing proportion of the scientific workforce and are having a positive impact on the rate of advancement of scientific knowledge while setting high standards for quality. In addition, to these core contributions, female scientists are playing a central role in improving the culture of science, the quality of the scientific workplace, the inclusivity of science, and dissemination of science to the public. Increased participation of women in, and satisfaction with, scientific activities and careers is essential for inspiring more young people to pursue careers in science and technology.

Increasing the proportion of women undertaking graduate and postdoctoral studies, and academic careers, improving the quality of their experiences as female scientists, and celebrating their individual and collective successes are priorities for the Faculty of Science.

David Wardlaw

David Wardlaw, BSc, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Science