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  Escaping the Ivory Tower
  Schulich Graduate Career Series


Many graduate students and postdoctoral scholars spend their academic careers preparing for a faculty position, and when confronted with the idea of leaving academia, have no idea where to begin.  This series of workshops will take participants through the process of identifying their transferrable skills, understanding the needs of the labour market, and finding strategies for succeeding in the non-academic job search.  Escaping the Ivory Tower offers an introduction for graduate students and postdoctroal scholars who are contemplating leaving academia or are just seeking a better understanding of the relevance of their experience and knowledge in a non-academic setting.

The 2013-2014 Sereis will begin this September.  Sessions being offered include:

1. Lab Coat to Business Suit: Transitioning from Academia to Industry 

2. Transferable Skills: Prove to Employers Why You’re the Right Person for the Job

3. Where Are All the Jobs, Anyway? Strategies for Conducting a Post-Academic  Job Search

4. Me Inc.: Using a Resume to Effectively Market Yourself (2 sessions)

5. The Necessity of Networking: Gaining Awareness, Building Reputation & Achieving Your Goals Most Effectively

6.  Life’s a Pitch: Putting Your Relationship Building Skills Into Practice

7.  Be a STAR: Interview skills and Practice


Stay tuned for details on the next Career Series starting in September, 2013.  Please contact Julaine Hall for further details.

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