Schulich Internal Graduate Awards

Schulich Internal Graduate Awards available for the 2013 competition:

  • The Collip Medal Award
  • Nellie Farthing Fellowship in the Medical Sciences
  • Morris Kroll Memorial Scholarship
  • Drs. Madge and Charles Macklin Fellowship for Publication
  • Drs. Madge and Charles Macklin Fellowship for Teaching & Research
  • The Jonathan& Joshua Memorial Graduate Scholarship
  • The Cobban Student Award in Heart and Stroke Research

Complete internal award descriptions and values can be found here.

2013 Award Winners


Dr. Ben Kleinstiver, Department of Biochemistry, will be awarded the 2013 Collip Medal Award.  Established in 1959, the award is presented annually to the most outstanding Ph.D. student graduating from one of the basic science graduate programs. The award commemorates the contributions of Dr. J. B. Collip, one of the School’s former Deans. 

Hilary Brown, Epidemiology & Biostatistics; Loretta Norton, Neuroscience; and Joshua Giles, Biomedical Engineering will receive the Nellie Farthing Fellowship in Medical Sciences. Established in 1960 through a generous legacy donation from Nellie Farthing, the Fellowship recognizes excellence in research to a full-time doctoral student in Medical Sciences.  
Stefanie Attardi, Anatomy & Cell Biology, will be awarded the Drs. Madge and Charles Macklin Fellowship for Teaching and Research in Medical Sciences.  This fellowship is available to full-time doctoral students, and it recognizes and rewards excellence in teaching and research. This fellowship was established by a bequest from Margaret Macklin Frewen.

Kevin Skoblenick, MD/PhD program, will be awarded the Drs. Madge and Charles Macklin Fellowship for Publication in Medical Sciences. The fellowship is available to full-time doctoral students who have published their doctoral research as first author in a peer reviewed journal. This fellowship was established through a legacy donation from Margaret Macklin Frewen.

Lori Lowes, Anatomy & Cell Biology, willl receive The Morris Kroll Memorial Scholarship which is awarded in odd numbered years to a full-time graduate student engaged in the field of cancer research as part of his/her graduate program. This award is made available by Mr. Franklin Shostack and Dr. Zane Cohen in memory of Morris Kroll.

Henry Dunn, Physiology & Pharmacology, will be awarded the Jonathan & Joshua Memorial Graduate Scholarship.  This scholarship is given to a doctoral student who is specializing in the neuroscience of mental health disorders, and is generaously made available by Mr. Robert McKinnon.

Ashbeel Roy, Physiology & Pharmacology, will receive the Cobban Student Award in Heart and Stroke Research.  Established by Audrey and Delmar Cobban and matched by Robarts Research Institute, this award recognizes doctoral research in the area of heart and stroke disease.

Congratulations to all our outstanding winners!



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