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Storytelling Bootcamp | 2017


Research Western, in collaboration with colleagues in Communications & Public Affairs, will be hosting the first annual Storytelling Bootcamp for up to 20 faculty members on October 5, 2017, from 9:45-4 p.m. These sessions will provide hands-on opportunities to engage with tools and techniques that develop, or refine, skills and comfort level with communicating research to a variety of audiences. The bootcamp will provide tips and opportunities to prepare messages for speaking to reporters, shoot and edit simple videos, engage through social media and prepare knowledge exchange plans.

Registration is limited to 20, so we ask that you please register by September 20 using the online form below. You will receive a confirmation email by September 21 if you have been selected for this year's sessions.


Thursday, October 5, 2017 | 9:45 - 4 p.m. | Weldon Library | Teaching Support Centre (TSC) 120

* Participants will be divided into groups of 4-5 to travel between the four rotating, hands-on sessions. Out of respect for the limited number of spaces available, participants are expected to attend the full-day session, please.

9:45 | Opening Remarks | TSC 120

Juan Luis Suárez | Associate Vice-President (Research), Western University

9:50 | The Art of the Story: Effective, Targeted Storytelling | TSC 120

Jason Winders | Director, Editorial Services, Communications & Public Affairs
What makes a good story, and how do you tell it depending on your audience? Includes opportunities to discuss common pitfalls, comfort level and ways to add more ‘colour’ to a story.

10:50 | Rotating Session 1: What's Your Message: Crafting a Response to Media* | TSC 120

Keith Marnoch | Director, Media Relations, Communications & Public Affairs
What are some different opportunities for engaging with traditional media, and how can you best prepare for an interview with a reporter? Includes opportunities to develop messaging to best articulate your work to reporters, and a mock interview.

11:55 | Light Lunch | TSC 120

Enjoy an opportunity to grab a bite to eat and mingle with some of your colleagues.

12:30 | Rotating Session 2: Telling Your Story Through Video* | TSC 121

Scott May | Campus Communications Consultant, Communications & Public Affairs
Shooting and editing video has become much easier and can be an effective way in which to tell your research story. How can you improve your audio and lighting like a professional and use closed captioning for more than accessibility? Useful for fieldwork, video abstracts, YouTube, etc., this session will provide an opportunity to shoot and edit a short video clip using cellphones.

1:30 | Rotating Session 3: Beyond Shares and Likes: Putting the Social in Media* |  Map & Data Centre 17A

Melissa Cheater | Digital Content Manager, Communications & Public Affairs
The media landscape is changing rapidly, and becoming increasingly social. This session provides a short overview of typical social media platforms used to communicate research, and will provide more in-depth focus, and practical activities, related to engaging with various communities on Twitter.

2:30 | Rotating Session 4: Reaching Communities through Knowledge Exchange* | Map & Data Centre 17B

Erin Huner | Knowledge Exchange Manager, Research Western
Provide tools, identify resources on campus and discuss ways in which you can advance your thinking about writing and planning for successful knowledge exchange/translation plans within grant writing. Please be prepared to work through a personal knowledge exchange plan in this session!


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Additional Information

If you have any additional questions, please contact Douglas Keddy, Research Communications Manager (519-661-2111 ext. 87485)