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Release of Funds Prior to Ethics/Animal Use Review

If my project is not yet ready to be reviewed by the board or committee – how can I get my funding released?

The Research Ethics Board and Animal Use Subcommittee are unable to review or approve incomplete submissions, or to provide approvals ‘in principle.’

The Release of Funds form enables researchers to request access to their research funding prior to obtaining approval for human subjects or animal use. In cases where projects are insufficiently advanced for review of the study protocol (e.g., questionnaires not yet developed), or where the portion of the research involving human participants or animals does not occur until subsequent years of the project, investigators may apply to have their research funding conditionally released.

Researchers must complete a Request for Conditional Approval to Release Research Funds form (see below) and submit it to Research Development & Services at

Upon review, the form will be signed and returned to the Investigator via email, and a copy will be held at RDS. If there are questions, RDS will contact the investigator to discuss any concerns.

Please note that it may take time to obtain research ethics approval or animal use protocol approval, so you may wish to take this into consideration when requesting your expiry date. The expiry date in this form refers to the date you anticipate having full approval from the relevant office.