Research Western

Western Strategic Support for Research Accelerator Success

Supported by the office of the Vice-President (Research), the Research Accelerator Grant program provides one-time funding to mid-career and senior researchers with established research programs and who currently hold Tri-Agency grant(s). The purpose of this funding is to accelerate the initial stages of a new research area by leveraging the existing Tri-Agency support and allowing researchers to “make the leap” to larger external grant values. This funding is not intended for grant renewals or bridging support.

The merit of each proposal will be assessed on innovation, impact, deliverables (both long- and short-term), proposed methodology, HQP training plan, infrastructure support, and proposed budget. Successful applicants must develop and submit competitive research proposals, geared towards a larger external grant than presently holding, within two years of the start of the initial award.

Guidelines, application forms, and instructions can be found within each Western Strategic Support Success Program Link:

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