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      • Please disclose what was accomplished by receiving these internal funds, and include any anticpated outcomes.
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        Describe how this internal support has benefitted others, whether collaborator(s), HQP, research colleagues, and include whether new collaborations were established both nationally and internationally.  
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        List any publication activity (including published abstracts) generated from this internal support and disclose whether author or co-author.  
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        Disclose any other dissemination activity arising from this internal support, including conference presentation invitations, website development, generated media exposure and so forth.  
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        List other funding secured as a result of receiving this internal support. Please indicate the granting source(s), award amount, grant duration and whether the PI or Co-Applicant. If none, please enter, "None." 
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        List any award or distinction recognition received as a result of the research work completed with this internal support. If none, please enter, "None."  
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