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Radiology Nuclear MedicineGraduates





Jack Chiu
Rohit Joshi
Stephanie Leung
Amy Lin


Jeffery Bird

Hyder Al-Attar
Brandon Entwistle
Andrew Lu (Junior Chief)

Jonathan Chung
Derek Cool
Pavlo Ohorodnyk
Michael Roth
Kari Visscher
Rebecca Zener


Ali Zaidi (LOA)
Benjamin Kwan
Brandon Nadeau
Matthew Rochon
Peter Yang

Joel Mercer
Eugenia Khorochov
Yuan Zhang
Stacey Speer

Nuclear Medicine


Mark Bryanton

Michael Pazaratz

Lina Samargandy


Olfat Kamel Hasan

Radiology Graduates

Michael Carstensen, Radiology 2013

Nabil Hussain, Radiology 2013
Stefanie Lee Chief, Radiology 2013
Michelle Ricketts, Radiology 2013

Gary Brahm, Radiology 2012
Cesar Chavarria, Radiology 2012
Meng Lim, Radiology 2012
Faisal Raja
, Radiology 2012

Theodore Blake, Radiology 2011

Ian Chan, Radiology 2011
Mariam Ghali Eskander, Radiology 2011
Mark Landis, Radiology 2011
Anil Shastry, Radiology 2011

Nao Kawamura, Nuclear Medicine 2010
Ashley Mercado, Radiology 2010

Youssef Almalki, Radiology 2009
Mustafa Khan, Radiology 2009
Jean-Pierre, Radiology 2009
George Saab, Radiology 2009

Janice Nazareno (nee Yang), Radiology 2008
Jason Ashley, Radiology 2008
Krzysztof Habdank, Radiology 2008
Allison Shaikh, Radiology 2008

Bronco Budisin, Radiology 2007

Nuclear Medicine Graduates


David Laidley, Nuclear Medicine 2013

April Moore, Nuclear Medicine 2012
Roberts Wolfson, Nuclear Medicine 2012

Saud Alenezi, Nuclear Medicine 2011
Mashael Alharbi, Nuclear Medicine 2011
Mohammed Alzayed, Nuclear Medicine 2011

Jonathan Boekhoud, Nuclear Medicine 2011
Abdulslam Eltriki, Nuclear Medicine 2011
Salem Youness, Nuclear Medicine 2011

Naveen Tandon, Nuclear Medicine 2010

Janice Nazareno, Nuclear Medicine 2009
Anil Shastry, Nuclear Medicine 2009

Denise Chan, Nuclear Medicine 2008
J.C. Warrington, Nuclear Medicine 2008

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