Cesar Chavarria, MD


Currently: PGY3 Resident of Radiology

Medical School: University of Saskatchewan (2007)

Pre-med: B.Sc. Hons in Biochemistry (2003)

Area(s) of personal interest:

Research Area(s):

Why did you choose radiology?

Radiology is the cerebrum of medicine. The breadth and depth of knowledge required is colossal. Heavy independent study hours are taken in exchange for less grueling work-week. Iím excited to learn anything and everything about the human body, both anatomically and pathophysiologically by the end of my residency. Iíve always loved working with computers and high-end technology Ė and combining this with my passion for medicine is truly ideal. I **LOVE** my job right now!

The best thing about radiology:

No patient contact?.... Is that a bad thing? Did I mention I love my job yet?

Advice to radiology wannabes:

Be yourself and donít fabricate things for the interview. You are being evaluated by very intelligent people, and they will see right through you. Just say what is truly on your mind and why you want to be a radiologist / what makes you a good candidate. If you truly love radiology, and you are a good person to work with, it will shine through. This advice worked for me!

Favourite book:

Favourite movie:

Favourite quote:

Most Memorable Moment in Radiology:


What do you want to do after graduation?

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