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CSTAR - Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics - a website describing the collaborative research and education program of London Health Sciences Centre, Lawson Health Research Institute, The University of Western Ontario and St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ontario, Canada.

Biomedical Imaging Research Centre - a website describing the research of the Medical Imaging Community in London, Ontario, Canada.

Digital Imaging Group (DIG) of the London Health Sciences Centre - a group of Medical Doctors, Scientists, and Engineers dedicated to improving and advancing digital medical imaging. We are based in London, Ontario, Canada.

Department Research Overview

Radiology Nuclear Medicine |  Imaging Sciences

Imaging Scientists

Lawson Health Research Institute

Lawson Imaging

Jeff Carson
Blaine Chronik

Dick Drost
Neil Gelman
Michael Kovacs
Ting-Yim Lee
Len Luyt
Frank Prato
Keith St. Lawrence
Rob Stodilka
Jean Theberge
Terry Thompson
Pam Zabel

Robarts Research Institute

Ian Cunningham

Maria Drangova
Aaron Fenster
Paula Foster
David Holdsworth
Ting-Yim Lee
Susan Meakin
Ravi Menon
Grace Parraga
Terry Peters
Brian Rutt
Giles Santyr

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