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The Division of Imaging Sciences (DIS) began in September 1997, when the department Chair, Dr. Richard Rankin, appointed the first Division Chair – Dr. Frank Prato. As of May 2008, DIS has grown to include over 300 staff and trainees focused on research in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Our graduate students are registered in basic science Departments at UWO, such as Medical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering and Physics. The DIS is primarily housed in two large research groups, one at the Robarts Research Institute and the other at the Lawson Health Research Institute. Our imaging research is a collaborative venture involving both scientists (physicists, engineers, computer scientists) and clinicians (radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and others) at five sites within London. Our collaborative approach to research has resulted in over 30 operating grants from the Major funding agencies in Canada as well as large collaborative projects funded through competition for government reinvestment initiatives at the national and provincial levels (Canadian Foundation for Innovation, National Centres of Excellence, and Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund, Ontario Research Fund and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research).


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