Institutional Quality Assurance Process


Reports will be made available as approved by SCAPA.

Graduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2016-2017

Graduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2015-2016

Graduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2014-2015

Graduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2013-2014

Graduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2012-2013

Graduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2011-2012

Graduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2010-2011

Undergraduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2011-2012

Undergraduate Program Review Reports 2010-11 were developed prior to the approval of our IQAP.

Please see the Senate agenda for November 2011, Exhibit II, page 9, Appendix I beginning page 4 for the reports as they stand.

Undergraduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2012-2013

Undergraduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2013-2014

Undergraduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2014-2015

Undergraduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2015-2016

Undergraduate Program Reviews (Cyclical) 2016-2017

  • Anthropology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Media, Information & Technoculture / Media and the Public Interest
  • Women's Studies
  • Brescia University College Management and Organizational Studies
  • Huron University College Economics
  • Huron University College Management and Organizational Studies
  • King's University College Thanatology