Appendix 3


The Campus Master Plan Committee


Terms of Reference – The report of the Task Force on Strategic Planning, Engaging the Future, recognized the need to develop a new guiding document to establish the University’s directions in this major reconfiguration of space in its Commitment 10.1:

“Draft a new Campus Master Plan by the end of 2006, which protects the beauty
of the campus and continues the emphasis on Collegiate Gothic architecture. 
The South Valley site should include a signature building and a configuration that emphasizes the Thames River as a defining aspect of the University.”


To this end, an ad hoc committee was struck in August 2006 whose membership brought together both academic and administrative expertise and experience appropriate to produce a consultation draft document.




Mike Bartlett – Chair, Senate Committee on University Planning

Ruban Chelladurai – Associate Vice-President (Institutional Planning & Budgeting)

Paul Davenport - President & Vice-Chancellor, ex officio

David Estok – Associate Vice-President (Communications & Public Affairs)

Susan Grindrod - Associate Vice-President (Housing & Ancillary Services & Liquor Licence Coordinator)

Ted Hewitt - Vice-President (Research and International Relations)

Duncan Hunter - Chair, Coordinator-Academic Space Planning

Dalin Jameson - Executive Assistant to the President and the Provost, Policy Planning Officer

Gitta Kulczycki - Vice-President (Resources and Operations)

Fred Longstaffe - Provost & Vice-President (Academic)

John Nash – Chair of the Campus & Community Affairs Committee of the Board of Governors

David Riddell - Associate Vice-President (Physical Plant and Capital Planning)

Jerry White – Professor & Senior Advisor to the Provost




In the preparation of the “Consultation Draft”, which was posted to the Western web site on November 6 2006, the Committee met nine times from August 2006. For both before and after posting of the Consultation Draft, consultations were pursued through several venues within the university community and with the broader community.  These included meetings with specific stakeholders (listed below), a town hall meeting for the Western community (November 14, 2006) and two for the external community (November 21, 2006 and May 2, 2007) and a link to the “Consultation Draft” on the Western homepage with a dedicated email box for responses. An AtWestern Weblog on the Western homepage asking the question “How can Western retain green space as the campus grows and parking pressures increase?” received twenty-six postings.


Presentations to specific stakeholders:



  • August 28: Deans’ retreat
  • September 18: Senate Committee on University Planning and Campus Council
  • September 25: Board of Governors’ retreat
  • October 19: President and Vice-Presidents
  • October 26: University Students’ Council and the Leader’s Forum
  • November 6:  UWO-City Liaison Committee and Western neighborhood associations
  • November 7: Senior Alumni Group and Meeting of Deans
  • November 8: Campus Council
  • November 9: Society of Graduate Students
  • November 14: Principals of the Affiliated Colleges and the Property and Finance Committee of the Board of Governors
  • November 23: Board of Governors
  • November 30: University Students’ Council and Society of Graduate Students combined focus group



  • April 25: London Board of Control
  • May 7:  Senate Committee on University Planning
  • May 18:  University Senate
  • June 5:  The Property and Finance Committee of the Board of Governors and the Senior Operations Committee
  • June 26:  Board of Governors


The committee is very appreciative of the thoughtful and constructive responses received in the dedicated email box from the following individuals responding as individuals or as representatives of organizations:


Peter Ashmore, Larissa Bartlett, Gerhard Beckhoff, David Bentley, Jane Bowles, Johanna Bradie, Wendy Dickinson, Maureen Downing, Tatyana Foth, Richard Glew, Patricia Green, Anthony Gualtieri, Ted Halwa, Mick Hassell, Richard Holt, Kevin Inchley, Mary Beth Jennings, Michael Mics, Cheryl Pearce, David Purcell, Ryan Rodrigues, Christopher Smart, Mary Jane Toswell, Pat VandeSompel, Ken Woytaz