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President’s Message

The University of Western Ontario is committed to openness and transparency in all our operations.  We are an institution supported by and accountable to the people of Ontario and of Canada, and we make every effort to provide information as to our activities and to monitor our performance in key areas of interest for all the constituencies we serve.  Western’s Strategic Plans define our priorities and aspirations as an institution:  Leadership in Learning (1995), Making Choices (2001), and Engaging the Future (2006) articulate the University’s vision, our mission, and our goals and are a cornerstone of our public accountability.  Another element of our accountability lies in our annual publication of a Performance and Activities Indicators Report, produced annually since 2005.  This annual report includes data from three well-accepted comparative surveys based in the United States:  The National Survey of Student Engagement, the Graduate and Professional Student Survey, and the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange.  Western is also a participant in the Common University Data Ontario project, providing accountability measures for all Ontario universities.  Finally, we include on this website our annual Operating and Capital Budget, audited financial statements, and Western Factbook and Databook, which provide an additional view of the University’s current and planned revenues and expenditures.  Taken together, this information offers a clear and accurate documentation of Western’s commitments as an academic community and the means through which we are working to realize our objectives.

Amit Chakma
President and Vice-Chancellor


A Message From The Board Chair

Western has long recognized the importance of demonstrating our accountability to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public for the quality of our teaching, research and service to the community, and for the effective use of our resources. To this end, we pursue the University's goals in an environment of fairness, broad participation and openness in which information is widely shared and the processes for decision-making are understood and respected. The information on this web site outlines the various measures to which we hold ourselves accountable and use to gauge our progress in pursuit of our mission of providing Canada's best student experience among research-intensive universities.

Frank Angeletti
Chair, Western Board of Governors