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Bringing the Humanities to the community

Top Story ImageIn the darkness of Conron Hall, Larry Towell, an acclaimed war photographer, picks sombrely at an acoustic guitar while strains of harmonica from virtuoso Mike Stevens float across Towell’s folk song. Read more

SASAH students visit Western Indigenous Services

groupOn Thursday, January 23rd, SASAH students visited Western Indigenous Services where they were treated to a traditional meal and singing/drumming performance. This event was part of a Fourth-Hour Session called "Nurturing Students' Gifts: Wholistic Approaches to Indigenous Learning" (attended by Dr. Kelly Olson and over 20 SASAH students). This particular session was co-presented by Candace Brunette, Coordinator of Indigenous Services, and Joel Burton of the Public Humanities at Western.

Portrait of the poet as an experimenter

poetrySara Mai Chitty, Western Gazette, November 19, 2013

The Public Humanities program at Western are presenting PoetryLab tonight in Conron Hall, a diverse and dynamic reading of poetry in a form that promises to be unlike any traditional means of the experience encountered before. Philip Glennie, program co-coordinator of the event, is excited for the poets and the audience to be a part of something he believes might be more than a ripple in the Canadian poetry scene. Read more

Engage Western helps put wheels in motion

logoBy Paul Mayne, Western News, November 7, 2013
With the opportunity to highlight the important ties made between an educational institution and its local community, last week’s Engage Western event was also an opportunity to advocate ways to strengthen these partnerships. Read more

London, Western 'Engage' overtown-gown relations

logoBy Paul Mayne, Western News, November 7, 2013
Is Western engaged in the community? Does the university create positive social change? If so, how are these impacts measured and where is there room for improvement?Answers to these and other questions are expected to be addressed Thursday, Nov. 14, as Engage Western brings together campus representatives, community members and special guests to share perspectives and stories about the ways academic institutions partner with their communities to mobilize knowledge, create social change and acknowledge the role of the university in public life. Read more

Free concert a poetic exploration of Blood in the Soil

towellInternationally acclaimed photographer Larry Towell and harmonica virtuoso Mike Stevens will perform in a free concert at Western University’s Conron Hall. On Tuesday, Towell and Stevens will perform Blood in the Soil, featuring photographs and video complemented with original music, poetry and field recordings. Read more

Lambier: Offering up a 'Blueprint' for community engagement

blueprintBy Joshua Lambier, for Western News, February 28, 2013 What roles do community engagement and public scholarship play at Western as it renews its Strategic Plan? During a time of change and crisis in higher education, what does it mean for an international research university to reimagine its civic commitment, and to explore new spaces of engagement at the student, faculty and institutional levels? How do we cultivate a student experience that fosters global thinking, while also promoting programs and partnerships that feature community-based learning and research that are mutually beneficial to Western and its publics? Read More