Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network Bone and Joint Institute

Leadership Committee

Working closely with the Administrative Hub, the Leadership Committee oversees the structure and overall operation of the Network


  • responsible for the stewardship and oversight of operations in affiliation with the Administrative Hub, Research Groups, and Technical Groups
  • responsible for the general network structure and function, establishing standing, special, and ad hoc committees, and providing direct guidance to and liaison with the Administrative Hub


  • consists of a maximum of 15 members including co-PIs and 5 network researchers representiing core research and technical areas and 5 members-at-Large representing patients, knowledge users, and sponsors. Diversity for geographic, gender and age representation, with inclusion of at least 3 new investigators will be sought on an ongoing basis


  • meets bi-annually and lead network activities including:
    • developing and implementing a network strategic plan, polices/procedures, and budget
    • holding an annual meeting that executes and shares network activities
    • launching opportunities (e.g. pilot grants, trainee exchanges)
    • implementation and oversight of network platforms
    • monitoring the network budget
    • coordinating activities of the Research Groups and Technical Committees including tracking of progress