Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network Bone and Joint Institute

Administrative Hub

The Administative Hub is reponsible for the daily function and operations of the network.


  • works directly with the Research and Technical Groups
  • manages the budget
  • facilitates membership / partnership development
  • provides narrative and financial reports to the Leadership Committee annually and as needed takes the lead on the dissemination of research results and findings and act as ambassadors for the organization by:
    • developing and maintaining a user-friendly website
    • maintaining a current contact database for e-communications
    • distributing quarterly newsletters
    • holding an annual meeting to showcase network activities and provide a forum to consider new collaborative, interdisciplinary and cross-jurisdictional research opportunities.
  • responsible for tracking the performance of the overall network


  • consists of the core group of leaders, sub-group of the Leadership Committee, who will manage the daily operations of the network and supervision of administrative staff


  • daily or as needed to manage daily operations of the network
  • located within the Bone and Joint Institute at Western University