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Who put the "T" in the LGBT community? Transsexuals, Transvestites, Transqueers, Transgendered people, Two-spirit folk – that's who, and if your only knowledge of their contribution to queer culture comes from old reruns of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, then you need to check out the Pride Library's growing collection of books by and about transpeople. Dierdre McCloskey's upbeat memoir Crossing (2000) and Loren Cameron's proud photobook Body Alchemy (1996) seem worlds away from Jan Morris's apologetic Conundrum (1972). Recent psychological and sociological research on gender-variance is exposing the deep cultural roots of trans-phobia, as you'll discover in Viviane Namaster's Invisible Lives (2000) and Mary Boenke's Trans Forming Families (1999). And if Pat Califia's The Politics of Transgenderism (1998) doesn't convince you that Love is a Many Gendered Thing, then Frances Milstead's My Son Divine (2001) surely will. Special thanks go to Canadian transactivist Rupert Raj for his advice on acquisitions for the collection, and for his contribution of the "transspeak"definitions in the Family Pride Canada Glossary.

Trans Forming Families book cover. Body Alchemy book cover. Guy to Goddess book cover. My Son Divine book cover.

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