Policies and Procedures

The following documents have been compiled as a resource to ensure the work and services performed at the University meet all legislated standards and provide clear direction for workers to act in a safe manner.

These documents are reviewed annually by the Safety & Training Coordinator, Occupational Health and Safety in conjunction with the Facilities Management Division.  Questions and comments may be sent to Tony Hammoud via email or by calling 519-661-2111 ext. 88730.

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University Corporate Policies

Safety Policies

Work Procedure Policies

All documents are in PDF format.

University Corporate Policies(Top)

Health and Safety Policy (82KB)

3.2 Employment Equity (16KB)

1.16 Smoking Policy (232KB)

1.33 Campus Alcohol Policy (46KB)

Safety Policies(Top)

S-1 Safety Footwear (37KB)

S-3 First Aid Qualification (39KB)

S-4 Roof Maintenance Procedure (69KB)

S-6 Reporting and Following-up of Health and Safety Concerns (50KB)

S-7 Safety Tag (30KB)

S-8 Confined Space (1.3MB)

S-9 Rabies Immunization Policy (65KB)

S-10 Mercury Control Program (75KB)

S-11 Accident Investigation Report (53KB)

S-12 Guideline for Handling Fluorescent Light Ballasts with Tar or Oil Dripping Out (41KB)

S-15 Receiving WHMIS Controlled Products (65KB)

S-20 Clean up of Spills of Human Blood or Bodily Fluids (99KB)

S-21 Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedures (36KB)

S-24 Pesticide Use (57KB)

S-25 Emergency Showers and Eye Wash Installations (170KB)

S-26 Roof Access Policy (30KB)

S-27 Sharps Disposal (72KB)

S-29 Safety Advisory / Safety Alert (372KB)

S-30 Restricted Space Access Policy (372KB)

S-40 Work Inside Or On The Roof Of Robarts MRI Suites (225KB)

S-45 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) (550KB)

Work Procedure Policies(Top)

WP-18 Lock-Out Tag-Out (161KB)

WP-21 Notice of Service Interruption (1.5MB)

WP-23 Fire Alarm System Maintenance & Shutdown Communications (200KB)

WP-23.1 Response to Fire Alarm (700KB)

WP-37 Handling and Disposal of Filters Contained in the Fume Hood Cabinet Collector Exhaust System in the Siebens-Drake Institute Building (245KB)

WP-41 Work Area Protection (45KB)

WP-42 Elevating Work Platforms (200KB)

WP-43 Hot or Open Flame Work (140KB)

WP-44 Fall Protection (97KB)

WP-45 Mold Remediation Procedure (500KB)

WP-46 Handling of Drops and Sink Traps in Labs (68KB)

WP-47 Lead-Based Abatement and Work Procedures (102KB)

WP-49 Breaches in Fire Separations (39KB)

WP-51 Handling of Fume Hoods and Duct Work in Research Laboratories (106KB)

WP-53 Man-Made Mineral Fibre (36KB)

WP-55 Incinerator Cleaning (38KB)

WP-58 Asbestos Type 1 Operations (69KB)

WP-59 Asbestos Type 2 Operations (143KB)

WP-61.0 Visitor Policy for Services Building & Power Plant (310KB)

WP-62.0 Procedure for Removal of Asbestos Flex Connection (330KB)

WP-63.0 Driver Policy (410KB)

WP-64.0 Procedure for Minor Alterations to HVAC Ducts and Associated Fittings in Buildings Containing Abestos Fireproofing (330KB)

WP-65.0 Procedures and Guidelines for Working Over and Near Water (260KB)